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Flooding, Funding and Fire

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Good Morning
I forgot to say a quick hello to one of our bloggers. She stopped Sally and I at the Airport last week before we left.
I won’t identify her cause she says she looks at the blog first thing when she gets to work. She never comments cause she doesn’t want the boss-man coming down on her. Anyway, it was nice to hear someone reads this thing every day plus get a little feedback on what she likes to read. So…welcome to all those anonymous bloggers out there who read Morning Buzz every day but don’t comment.

In the News
We had an overnight fire to talk about on the 15-hundred block of Des Moines St. The fire started a conversation in the newsroom about what you’d do if your house was on fire? What would you grab…do you know how you would react? Do you have a plan? I didn’t think about it until we had kids. Sally grabs the cat in a pillowcase, I get the boys and we head for the door. I have to admit I’ve thought about their escape routes out of the house…windows low to the ground, that kind of thing.

The City of Des Moines worked with the Corps of Engineers to drop the levels at Saylorville lake so we can try to avoid flooding later in the spring. Good idea. The rain we had this morning is just the start. Looks like we’re in for another spring with a big threat of flooding.

Lots of talk now about the cuts in the Des Moines Schools budget. Well welcome to the party! The district held meetings for MONTHS on the cuts. There were a lot of opportunities for people to weigh in here…why didn’t you speak up before now?

That said I got an interesting call from a friend. He has kids in the Des Moines schools and had a simple idea for the budget.
If every teacher would accept 25 bucks out of their check to pay for health benefits every week…nobody loses their job. Teachers usually react violently to this one, but it’s time.

If you are a teacher making $28,000 per year, are you really going to walk away from your job over having to pay a shared cost for your insurance? Any other job you take is going to cost you more for insurance.
I did some math just based on the 2000 or so teachers active in the district and I would think that sharing some of the costs over the year could significantly reduce the burden to the taxpayer.
I would guess it could be less than that if you come up with a per person cost for every person insured under Des Moines Schools. We know that Healthcare costs represent a significant cost in the District, we know the public would like to see classes continue in music and art and P.E. I still don’t have an answer on why shared cost of the insurance wouldn’t work.

Tressel’s Comments
Did you see Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel’s comments about gay athletes in D-1 football? Tressel gave an interview to a gay/lesbian newspaper called The Outlook in Columbus. ESPN beleives it’s the first time a D-1 coach has given an on the record interview about the subject. So what do you think about what Tressel said?
Hard to argue with what he said. He wants his players to come out of Ohio State knowing who they are. By implication, being gay is WHO THEY ARE. here’s what I like even more. Tressel is a class act. He didn’t try to throw himself into a controversial position. He supports his players. That’s it. No matter who they are or what they believe…he supports them becoming the best people they can be.

“… every part of our team is important and every role has
value — no job is too small and no person is irrelevant — that’s a great
lesson that transcends into society. When I think of the diversity we’ve had on
our team the past few years, it goes way beyond just a racial, sexual or ethnic
mix. We’ve had players who had different religions, players who came from
different economic backgrounds, players who are parents, who are spouses, who
are caring for ailing parents, who are wheelchair bound, who are battling
cancer, and on and on. Whatever a young man feels called to express, I hope we
will help him do it in a supportive environment. Everybody is important, and
maturity is learning to find and appreciate those differences in

Again, well put and hard to argue with. A more cynical friend of mine pointed out that OSU could be staring down the barrel of a lawsuit that we just haven’t heard about and they’re trying to do preemptive damage control. The other possibility is that one of his big name players is planning on coming out. What do you think?

Hope you have a good day!



  • Curt Brown

    As far as fire prep goes, I would of course grab my son and get the heck out. If my wife were home, she would take the boy, and I would grab our 2 portable fire safes that contain important documents and back-ups of digital photos. And a teddy bear.

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