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Overnight Flooding, St Patrick’s Day and Vegas Baby

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A quick blog today…

Overnight Flooding
I came in this morning to find out Producer Chris listening intently to the police scanners. It seems West Des Moines Public Works crews had just been dispatched to Valley Junction where water was coming up from under the streets. Turns out it was a leaking storm sewer and isn’t all that unusual when the water is this high on the Raccoon River. Just another sign there’s too much water and no place for it to go. We’re watching Saylorville and the Des Moines River levels over the next few days. With levels as high as they are, the levees on the river are going to be under an unusual amount of stress.

St Patrick’s Day
We all picked out green out this morning and looked like an ad for a shamrock shake. Should be a fun time down at the parade this afternoon. Sally’s planning on taking the boys with some friends. Keith Murphy will be your Grand Marshal. Don’t party too hard tonight. it’s a school night after all, and please please please be careful. Designated drivers are the right way to go.

We did out NCAA picks at opur house last night including two sheets for the boys. JT picked all favorites. A New York Times Article this week said something crazy like 89 percent of the time the higher seed wins. We’ll see. Will had a slightly less scientific system. Sally rolled a regular six sided dice, odd numbers and the favorite moved on…even numbers and the underdog moves on. This resulted in a pick of Northern Iowa over Kansas on his sheet. Good luck with that one buddy.
Sally used free association to make her picks. I yelled out the schools and she just said the first thing that came to mind. She also had a few upsets.
My sheet is a middle of the road pick. I had some upsets but mainly stuck to the favorites. The one upset everyone had on their sheet: Missouri over Clemson.

Vegas Baby
By this time tomorrow I’ll be winging my way to Las Vegas.
Sally is a great wife for a lot of reasons…this one is usually tops on my list. She doesn’t just let me go away for the weekend with friends, she encourages it. I am grateful to her for taking the boys for the weekend and to my Mother-in-law who is coming back again to help out!
I can’t imagine this is going to be a weekend full of carousing though. The friend I’m traveling with is also on a Morning News program so we keep the same hours. There may be more than one night where we are back at the hotel unusually early for most Vegas vacationers. I am certainly going to get some sun, some sleep, and hopefully win a few bucks.
What long term bet do you think I should lay down? Cubs to win the world Series? Bears to make the playoffs? Tiger to win the Masters? I’ll take suggestions.
Anyway I leave you in the capable hands of Brooke and Jeriann over the long weekend and will be back Monday!


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