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Hello and happy Monday, gang!
It’s hard to believe another week is starting and March will be over before we know it … the time warp continues!

Did you catch Elizabeth Klinge’s story on quitting facebook? It’s pretty interesting stuff. You can watch the story online if you missed it last week. Many times over the past few months I have contemplated pulling the plug on my account. I’m on the site infrequently as it is, and my inbox is always overflowing with updates and invites and gifts and it can get to be somewhat overwhelming. Jason Hill told Liz facebook was taking over his life, and taking time away from his family and friends – not to mention the time spent at work constantly checking others’ updates or posting his own. Iowa State Professor Michael Bugeja says sites like facebook aren’t really interested in helping us connect – instead they’re set up to spy on us and then sell to us. And that can be said for a lot of technology these days. So, is it time to quit facebook and throw the cell phone out the window? You tell me ….


And how about Andy Fales’ story on what’s making us fat? Andy put some great statistics in his script. For instance – since the 90s, the number of people belonging to a health club has skyrocketed, but so has our weight. More than sixty percent of Americans are now considered overweight or obese. Half of those people say they exercise at least once a week. WHAT?!?!? So what is the problem? It’s food. Not just what kind of food we’re eating, but how much we’re eating. This isn’t necessarily earth-shattering information, but the fact that doctors, dieticians AND personal trainers all say the most important component of weight loss is what and how much you eat is pretty significant. I’ve always justified late night pizza or mid-morning doughnuts with a “I’ll work it off at the gym tomorrow” attitude. That may have to change. Rats!

The Gang’s All Here
Unbelieveable! I almost fell out of my chair today … Ed, John, Keith, Sonya, me … all here at work on the same day, doing our regular gigs. I don’t think that’s happened for nearly three weeks! We’re all talking non-stop, catching up on everyone’s vacations, what they’ve missed back here while they’ve been gone … it’s really like a mini reunion. I don’t know that I’ll have any family vacation pics to post to the blog, but Sonya has promised not only new Remi photos but also news of a new member of the Heitshusen household! Check back for a mid-week update!

That’s it for now – I am off to eat too much dinner and tell myself it doesn’t matter because I’m going to work out extra hard tomorrow morning! :)



  • gymrat

    Hey Erin. I've been spending less and less time on FB too. I just seem to be over it. I just don't need to know when someone washed their car or took the day off to watch Jerry Springer. I also don't really care to post what I'm doing anymore either. I guess I'm just getting burned out on it.

  • MamaLizKnits

    Thanks for sharing these tidbits about stories that have been on the air. I miss WHOtv… we moved out of state last year. I have to say that the quality of news that your station provides is top notch. I still check the site when I think of it, but I also subscribe to your blog. I like keeping up with what is going on in the city I miss SO MUCH!

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