Healthcare, Tiger, and Observations from Vegas

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Good Morning.
I’ll start this story the way I started every story this weekend…Did I tell you my wife is the best Wife ever?
If I look a little tired, it’s because I’ve just returned from Vegas….
I actually got a lot more sleep than I usually do while I was in Las Vegas for the weekend. I just think that place is stimulus overload. You can’t help but feel a little drained when you leave. More on that in a minute…

First…There are a few other things going on in the News.

It passed…sort of. Some deals cut at the last minute have to go back tot he Senate. We’ll see how it plays out but the President wants to sign the bill in the early part of this week. I learned this morning some 32 States have started considering ways to limit or block the bill. Some are considering amendments to state Constitutions.

I watched most of Tiger’s interview The Golf Channel. Hard to tell when this guy is being genuine because we’ve seen so little of that. I think we’ll start to hear whether Tiger has actually learned his lesson and changed his behavior through the grapevine. So many people didn’t want to get on his bad side before the scandal. Now it’s open season.

Observations from Vegas
-I like Economy Plus (extra leg room) I didn’t know how much until I had to sit behind a guy with his seat reclined for three and a half hours on the way to Vegas. I don’;t know about you, but when I’m on an airplane I try to take the people around me into account. This guy apparently didn’t see the six rows of seats behind hm…either that or he’s the most important person in the world and I haven’t met him yet. Anyway, he had my knees in his back the entire way to Nevada…I can’t say I was careful about not kicking his seat back when I shifted my weight.
-The line for a taxi in Sin City is NUTS! Thankfully they opened a new line right in front of the door we exited from baggage. I can’t say the 1500 or so people behind us in line were that pleased.
-I still don’t think you need a luxurious hotel room when you go to Vegas, but when there’s something on the bathroom floor that’s not tile…I draw the line.
-When walking in a crowd of people how is it that people can just stop? Do they think the mass of humanity behind them knows they’re about to hit the brakes?
-Most uncomfortable Vegas Moment: Stopped at a light waiting to cross, a cop actually pulled over two pedestrians for jaywalking. I’m not kidding. What was worse, He started yelling at them. “So you didn’t see the sign right here that counts down from 30? No, of course you didn’t cause you are the most important person here today aren’t you…the signs don’t apply to you.” I swear he was doing it for the crowd of about 100 waiting at the light. The thing is, I bet we all obeyed the signs the rest of the weekend.
-Runner Up: The guy who bragged for an hour at the poker table about how he’d been up for 27 hours straight playing cards…then fell asleep. No kidding…dead away asleep. The he woke up cranky…like it was our fault he’s an idiot.
-Third place: While playing poker at The Hard Rock Casino the guy next to me started to lament that he wasn’t very good in relationships. Unusual conversation for a poker table, but whatever… Unfortunately someone took the bait and asked him why… “Well it could be because I have some issues.” What kind of issues? The guy asked as we all tried to wave him off with our eyes…”Well I’ve got some severe psychological issues.” (chirpchirp…chirpchirp).
-We spent a lot of time at The MGM Grand. While playing cards Thursday someone asked, Is there a “cougar” convention in town?” There were A LOT of good looking, well dressed women at MGM. I found out Arbonne was the reason. I also found out what Arbonne is. They had a convention at the MGM this weekend. I think I offended one of the women when she explained the business and I said, “So it’s like Mary Kay?”.
-Like a lot of people I was torn about the UNI win. It was a great game to watch, and who doesn’t like it when a David like UNI slays a Goliath like KU. (you enjoy it even more when you are a MIZZOU fan). This is why we like to go to Vegas for the first weekend foo the tournament. there are always surprises, and because it’s legal to put a few bucks on the games…people become fans of teams they’ve never seen play before…There were A LOT of UNI fans in the sportsbook.

I still really enjoy visiting Vegas, and will go back anytime I get the chance.
I’ll need a nap this afternoon…time to recharge and get back to the gym.
Have a good day


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