Back at Work

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It’s always a little weird coming back to work on a Saturday, since most people I know don’t work on the weekends. At least the Iowa legislature is working. So much for the March 26th adjournment as lawmakers discussed. Don’t they always work past the day they say they want to quit? But if my math is correct, the 80th day of the session wouldn’t be until Wednesday. So, according to that deadline, they still have time.

I had counted on them working late when we booked our trip to the St. Louis Cardinals spring training in Jupiter, Florida. That’s why I missed the past four days. For what it’s worth, it was a great trip. I have about a dozen autographs and a sunburned nose to prove it! Cardinal baseball over the standings bill? No offense, state housers, but I think I made the right choice:)

Since I’m anchoring tonight, I’m not reporting on the legislature at the statehouse today. So I feel like a fan just watching the game. And this fan is a bit confused by the play-by-play. Here’s what I mean…

Cedar Rapids Democratic Rep. Tyler Olson posted this on Twitter:

Looking less and less likely the Iowa Legislature will adjourn sine die today.

(He also mentioned he is missing his son’s birthday today because of the Saturday session).

Lee Enterprises’ bureau chief Charlotte Eby posted this:

IA House Maj. Kevin McCarthy said it is likely Leg. will have to come back Monday to finish their work.

But then she later posted this, a little disagreement in optimism in the Democratic leadership?

IA House Speaker Pat Murphy optimistic they can finish tonight. It’s anybody’s guess at this point.

The Des Moines Register’s Jason Clayworth is going with Monday:

Iowa legislature likely to return Monday

So it looks like Saturday. Or Monday. Or some day other than Saturday or Monday. Stay tuned, sports fans.