The Iowa Association of School Boards

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A friend called to say he was a bit concerned about the story we aired about day 3 of the government oversight hearings into the money scandal at the Iowa Association of School Boards. The central character in this scandal, Maxine Kilcrease, the now former executive director of the association, hasn’t shown up to testify at the hearings. Friday, the board fired her from her position after allegations she fired workers, gave big raises to others and gave herself the biggest raise of all.

Since she didn’t show up Monday, the IASB’s former chief financial officer did. And Jonathan Muller had to take the brunt of lawmaker’s frustration. The most vocal frustration came from Burlington Democratic Senator Tom Courtney. He bombarded Muller with a series of questions/remarks/comments. We aired the exchanges in our story. Despite the exchange, lawmakers didn’t seem to blame Muller for the problems at the IASB. In fact, they thanked him repeatedly for coming in. Numerous times. The friend worries, if you saw the piece, you might think lawmakers are targeting Muller or blaming him for any wrongdoing. That’s not the case, as far as I know. I hope this clears up any confusion the story may have given anyone. Here’s the piece we aired last Monday.

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