Surrounded … Time Warp … Saying Goodbye

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

I spent last week surrounded by sick people. Michael was coughing and sneezing and feverish and miserable. Sonya returned from her vacation with a wicked cold. Photojournalist James was fighting the same crud he’d had for more than a week. So I suppose it was inevitable. I am sick. It stinks. I was so proud of myself for avoiding H1N1 and the regular flu, not to mention all the colds that made their way through the newsroom this winter and now I have to be miserable when it’s sunny and 70 outside?!?! Not fair.

Time Warp
Last week I read an article in Entertainment Weekly about the movie “Pretty Woman” being released twenty years ago. I thought, “That’s impossible!!!” I remember seeing it in theaters with my girlfriends … all of us swooning over Richard Gere and dying to look like Julia Roberts. We all had huge mall hair with the enormous bangs and we all decided right then and there to start growing them out so as to imitate Julia’s long, flowing auburn locks. Here is a picture of Kim, Brenda and me in that general time period. Scary, isn’t it? I’m surprised we were able to stand that close to each other without our Aqua Net dos sticking together! Good times, good times.

Saying Goodbye
Kim and Brenda were two of my closest friends growing up in good ol’ Chadron, and that’s why I’ll be gone for a few days this week. Brenda’s mom died over the weekend and I’m going home for her funeral. Pat was a great lady. She had a knack for putting people at ease and always opened her home to her kids’ friends. Brenda and I got to laughing on the phone last night talking about our cooking adventures. We were always whipping something up and Pat never cared if we took over her kitchen and turned it into a disaster area. I also talked to my own mother last night. She said when she was going through my Grandma Susan’s things after she died, she found a hand-written note from Pat. It was for spinach salad. Pat worked in the kitchen at the assisted living home and my grandma kept telling her how much she liked the spinach salad. Writing down that recipe is classic Pat – always thinking of others. This is the second time in the last few months that a childhood friend of mine has lost her mother and it has me rattled. Time marches on …

Have a wonderful week,

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