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Session Ends, Charlie’s Next Challenge and Swinging

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Good Morning,

I hope you enjoyed the nice weather yesterday, Jerianne says we’ll see the same minus most of the wind we had yesterday so get outside as much as you can today. It was 60 when I came in this morning. I thought about putting my jacket on and realized immediately I didn’t need it. It was one of those perfect morning’s we will be craving in mid July and August when it gets hot.

To the News
Session Ends
The Legislature got out of Des Moines yesterday, a day earlier than expected. The Register has a good breakdown of all the winners and losers this morning in it’s wrap up article. The focus will now turn to selling the lawmakers accomplishments to the voters. For Republicans the argument will be, send us back and we’ll spend less and find more efficiency. For Dems it will be, send us back because we managed one of the toughest economic tests the State has seen in decades. We’ll see who can make that argument more convincingly.

The last day of the session always determines the rate of funding for schools and this year lawmakers found the two percent extra the Governor asked for. That means the District’s budget is $11million short not $33 million short. SO they’ll be able to avoid a lot of the cuts they thought they’d have to make

Plane Crash
Near Ankeny this morning the pilot of a single engine plane apparently didn’t do the math right…We can joke about it cause everyone is OK, but the plane didn’t make it to its intended destination (Des Moines). In fact it didn’t make it to Ankeny. The plane landed in a farm field northeast of the airport. I have a friend who is a private pilot. The way he talks about calculating fuel consumption, he says he’s always got an hour’s reserve in the tanks. I have no idea why this flight seems to have cut it a lot closer than that. Thankfully everyone walked away from the accident and the only thing damaged is the plane.

Obama’s Letter
The president talks often about the ten letters he reads every night at the end of his day. They’re supposed to be from “regular” Americans. Washington Post had a nice article about those letters and how they make it to the President’s desk every night.

Another Bombing
In Russia this morning they’re dealing with two mo9re suicide bombings to go along with the subway bombings earlier in the week.

Breast Cancer and Screenings.
Here’s another study adding to the debate over mammograms and early screening’s value.

Wonderful weather

We got the boys out to the park day before yesterday. I meant to put the pictures on the blog yesterday. They’re still in my phone as I write this blog. I promise to post tonight…check back with us.

Sorry, Lizzy, I will try to get back into the daily habit of blogging right after the show. Time seems to be getting away from me more than normal this week.

Have a good one


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