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We’re not just watching TV

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Continuing with Shawn’s theme of a “glimpse behind the curtain”, I’d like to dispel a common belief that all sports anchors do is watch TV. While we, often, do work with as many 5 TV’s on in the background, we are rarely able to sit down and enjoy, say…The Masters.

On Sunday I anchored the 5pm and 9pm sportscasts. I arrived at the station at noon, set my rundown, and headed over to Principal Park for the I-Cubs game. Yes, we shoot our own video as well. Unless its a big, meaningful, game we don’t stay for all 9 innings. Thankfully, Jason Dubois hit a homer, and a girl in front of me was eating a huge pickle. Those two shots, along with a strikeout, here and there, were good enough for me.

I then returned to the sports office to edit and write the I-Cubs video, including a couple of other local and national stories. By 4pm, I was in good shape…and then I had to leave, again.

The Energy played at home in a deciding 1st-round playoff game. I shot the first half of the first quarter and high-tailed it back to the sports office. As I walked in Andy, who had just arrived, was screaming over a shot Phil Mickelson had just made, and I had just missed.

After anchoring the 5, there was nothing more to shoot. I spent the majority of the rest of the night helping Mr. Fales put together his Tiger Nike ad spoof. By 11:15pm I was home playing my new Tiger Woods ’10 ps3 game. When I was done playing, I went to bed. That was at 4am.

Another glorious day as a sports reporter.

Happy Monday,

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