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The Norm, The Ridgemont, and the Lilly Pad.

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To put a new spin on an old Seinfield line, “What’s the deal with guys named Norm?”  Every Norm I know is colorful, charasmatic, and a little on the portly side.  Norm Parker has all three of those characteristics.  Iowa’s defensive coordinator only speaks with the media two or three times a year, but it’s always a treat.  Norm is 69 and continues to battle complications from diabetes so, when he does meet the media, he’s inevitably asked how long he plans to keep coaching.  The answer is generally always the same, but Norm always finds a way to put a new spin on it.  Tuesday’s retort: “I’ll probably croak right on the field someday, you know?  I hope we’re ahead when I do it.”  Classic Norm.

Now that former Iowa State forward Justin Hamilton has transferred to a school (LSU) closer to to his home in Utah, we can move on.  That’s good for me, because everytime I hear the name “Hamilton” I’m reminded of Judge Reinhold’s character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Brad Hamilton.  “Hamilton!  You’re going over there as a representative of ‘Captain Hook Fish and Chips.’  Part of our image, part of our appeal is that uniform.  You know that.”  I wish Justin well in Baton Rouge, and I hope he pays a little more attention in his geography class at LSU than he did at ISU.

Due to schedule conflicts (and Keith’s month-long vacation) I have yet to catch an I-Cubs game this season.  That changes on Wednesday.  Ted Lilly (pad) is scheduled to make a rehab start after getting scratched last Friday and on Sunday.  I can’t wait.


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