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A little work… A little play … And more than one way to bathe a cat

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
I hope you all had a chance to get out and enjoy the lovely weather we had over the weekend – wasn’t it beautiful?

A little work
Michael and I (mostly Michael) spent the weekend working around the house. I did my customary cleaning of toilets and floors and Michael was tackling some outdoor projects. I guess you could say I was his assistant. Michael is always far more pragmatic than I am regarding how difficult and time consuming these endeavors will be. I always have a list a mile long that I think is reasonable, and he’s always saying, “Yeah, right.” Unfortunately, he is always right (on this particular matter).

Project number one on Sunday – laying some pavers for our garbage cans and recycle bin. Michael was in the yard all day Saturday running a tiller and raking the soil, trying to even things out before we have some new sod put down. For years it’s driven us crazy that our trash bins sit on a big sloping pile of dirt and they’re constantly being tipped over. This was our solution.

It turned out great, but I had no idea how labor intensive this would be. I mean seriously – it’s a very small space and it’s not like it needs to be perfect – it’s for trash bins!!! Oh well – at least that’s another thing checked off the “to do” list.

Next, we tackled tree planting. We used to have this really cool weeping Mulberry tree in front of our house. Last year we noticed one entire side of it wasn’t filling in with foliage. At first we attributed it to the fact that that side of the tree was in the shade all the time. Then I noticed that the trunk wasn’t looking so good. I pushed on it and my entire hand went into it … not good. Our tree was dead. Saturday Michael found a replacement, but he looks so shrimpy!

And again, this took a lot more time and effort than I ever would’ve guessed. All I have to say is I’m glad I was the assistant. Michael is so sore from digging in the dirt he can hardly move today. All I did was stand around a say, “It’s too far to the left!” and “It’s leaning toward the house!” I guess I helped fill in the hole, but I didn’t really knock myself out.

A little play
My playtime this weekend was getting together with my dear friend Courtney Greene for pedicures. We haven’t seen each other for ages and it was wonderful to relax, chat, drink some wine and of course – get our toes done! I highly recommend the Spa at West Glen. Emily and Pam are amazing technicians and every time one of them has given me a pedicure it’s lasted forever – far better than the sloppy job I do at home!

More than one way to bathe a cat
Finally, we had some drama with Marley this weekend. This cat is high maintenance as it is, but she pulled an entirely new trick Saturday night. We were watching tv after dinner and wondering where she was, because she always jumps up on the couch for nightly pampering. When she finally showed up, she was wet! At first I thought she’d been in the bathtub drinking out of the faucet but hours later she was still damp. Michael finally said, “Does she stink?” So I smelled her. It was then I realized that she’d somehow gotten into the olive oil mixture we use for dipping bread. So, her our cat is, all greasy and smelling like garlic and basil! Yuck! We decided to leave it alone Saturday night in the hopes that she would clean herself off. She worked at it – but to now avail. Sunday night I realized I was going to have to give Marley a bath… the second of her life. The first was right after I got her when the vet informed me that she had mites. That time my mom and I took her into the shower and it was UGLY. This time I opted for the kitchen sink. You can tell by the look of disgust on her face just how well the bath went over…

… and how she looked kind of like a drowned rat. I’m happy to report that Marley looks much better today, but now she smells like a combination of garlic and dish soap. Oye!

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!


  • gymrat

    I thought you forgot about us today. :-)
    I always have a hard time picturing classy ladies like yourself and others I know cleaning toilets and doing household chores. I guess I shouldn't but….. I figured Micheal would have got you a maid or something! LOL!
    I remember giving our cat a bath. I ended up with cuts and scratches all over. Jaws and claws!
    Have a good week!

  • Munchkin

    That is so funny, bathing a cat. Mine would never forgive me, she loves to drink out of the faucet but only if it's slightly running. My calendar has funny pictures of cats on it, this month's is a VERY wet cat with some suds on it's head and it says “Let's review that owner's guide on self cleaning.” The cat looks so mad and funny. Have a good one.

  • Jill

    Okay…I have to ask-what's with you and Sonya wearing the ballcaps during Workout of the Week??? Don't they make your heads so hot and itchy? I don't think I could stand it!

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