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Kick Ash, Navy Week and Honesty

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Good Morning!
Quiet weekend at the Dix household with NO showings for our house. I’ll be honest we’re getting a little desperate. I made pancakes and maple flavored bacon for breakfast yesterday. The house still smells like bacon. We have a showing this afternoon…if bacon can’t help sell our house…I give up.

The News

DOT changing the Way DMV hands out the DL
Did you get that? In short, if you go get your license…it’s not gonna show up for a couple weeks while the state checks to make sure you are who you say you are. Sooner or later the computers are going to get fast enough that this face recognition software is just going to be able to do the check right there…but for now…you wait.

Kick Ash
So most of western Europe is shut down…Not cool.
If I’m one of the thousands of people waiting to get back to the US, I wait patiently. NATO officials reported this morning the “several” F-16 fighters were damaged flying through the ash cloud from that erupting volcano. I wouldn’t want to risk getting over the Atlantic only to find out you were on a plane that had a damaged engine.

Navy Week
If you missed it we kicked off Navy week this morning with a visit from one of the Navy’s culinary specialists. He made us Potato Salad. It was VERY good. Really, I’m not a potato salad guy and I thought it was good. Also, when Brooke says it’s good, I listen.
This was the first of three interviews we’re going to have on the show this week.
If you’re snickering under your breath about Navy week in IOWA? You’re not alone. I got a couple comments from people when I told them what we were doing. The Navy week is one of 20 that go on around the country during the year. This one coincides with Drake Relays. The Navy brought personnel here to Des Moines to highlight Navy life. We’ll have some other cool guests on Wednesday and again on Friday.

Brian Davis is a PGA Tour Golfer that you should point at and tell your kids…that’s an athlete to emulate. described it this way:

On the first playoff hole of the Verizon Heritage, Brian Davis hit his second
shot the left side of the 18th green, off the rocks and onto the beach. Jim
Furyk then hit the ball over the green, leaving himself with a long putt from
just off the green. Furyk putted, but overshot the hole by a significant
Davis then had a choice. He could try to get on the green with his
third shot from the beach, or drop where he crossed over and, lying four, chip
in. He chose to play it like a bunker. The shot cleared the seawall and went
But then Brian Davis called over the PGA Tour official and called a
penalty on himself. After much discussion, the upshot was this: on the
backswing, he had brushed a loose reed with his club. That’s a violation of rule

Kudos to the golfer that knows the rules, and has the discipline to call the penalty on himself even though he knew it would cost him the win. A lot of people actually think he’ll gain in the long run.

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