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Spring "game", Ferentz plays dumb, Rainy Relays

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I was in Iowa City on Saturday, but I didn’t attend the Hawkeye spring game; no one did. It’s not a game, it’s a practice…a practice that Ricky Stanzi, DJK, Marvin McNutt, Jewell Hampton, Adrian Clayborn, etc. didn’t compete in. That being said, there was a football involved, so 23,500 Iowa fans showed up.

What did we learn? Well, DJK isn’t allowed to talk to the media, for now. Big surprise. He’s a great sound-bite, because he speaks his mind. That’s exactly the reason Iowa doesn’t want him to talk.

We also learned that Kirk Ferentz is well aware that the Hawks are pegged as a preseason top-10 team, even though he tries to play dumb. He told us he he happened to see that his team was ranked “somewhere” in the top-10 in SI (the sports mag has them 5th). One sentence later, he made a comment about his team not being the 5th best team in the country. He’s crafty, and it works.

Jerome Tiller played better than Austen Arnaud at ISU’s spring game. Keep in mind, however, that Tiller played against the extremely young and inexperienced second-team defense.

I’m glad to see that SEP walk-on Jeff Woody is making an impact in the backfield. He’s a good, smart, player. However, I will be surprised if he really ends up grabbing the #2 spot on the depth chart as a RS freshman.

Is it me, or can Paul Rhoads grow a full goatee in less than a day?

Drake Relays week ‘officially’ begins with Monday’s Beautiful Bulldog contest. The weather will be great, but the forecast for the main events on Friday and Saturday doesn’t look good. Sound familiar?

A day after the Cardinals lost in 20 innings, the Cubs lost in 10. Are they better for only needing half the amount of innings to lose, or does that make them worse? It’s going to be a long year on the north side, and for us miserable Cubs fans. Ryne Sandberg may be in Wrigley by next April.