Incentives, Big 10 and HD

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Good morning.
We hope you all enjoyed the first Today in Iowa Broadcast in High Definition. We’re still working though some of the technical transition but our behind the scenes production and engineering crews have worked so hard to pull this off. It really is a huge effort. Just to give you an idea, we were not in HD yesterday morning. Our team had to essentially move our entire control room to another location in the building in five hours between the Morning and Noon shows. Great Job!
It is another reminder that we work with some pretty amazing people here at WHO. In an industry where the stereotype is pompous and egotistical, there are a lot of people who’s first priority is making sure the group looks good.

To the News
Here’s the hard part about Economic Development in a recession. I bet about a dozen other states are willing and able to give TPI composites some sort of big incentive to build a plan in their state. The Wind Turbine manufacturer already has a plant in Newton and already got millions in breaks and incentives from Iowa and Newton. Now they’re laying people off in Newton. I can see where some people would be reluctant to give more to get TPI to expand here. Here’s the catch. If you give now and put a critical mass of workers and investment here, it may be harder for the company to leave. On top of that, what other industries decide to move to Iowa if TPI expands here? I’m not advocating, I’m just saying it’s not a simple question.

I missed blogging yesterday…actually I started and didn’t finish…Big day sorry.
Anyway the pundits are still talking about Tuesday’s Primary elections in four states.
Big name candidates either lost or are going to be in a runoff. It appears the electorate is angry with Washington and is willing to transfuse some new blood into the system. I saw a really good quote in one of the articles on the elections that summed up my feelings about the changes. A lot of these candidates are generating a lot of fire in the electorate. The question is, do they want to heat the building with it, or burn down the capitol?

Big 10
The subject of league expansion has dominated radio sports talk this week. I can only say as a Missouri fan, I’d love to see them join the Big 10. It would produce instant rivalries. Iowa v Mizzou is , of course the one I would look forward to most, but Illinois Missouri is already a big one. I don’t feel that way about any big 12 opponent except Kansas, and I’m sure Mizzou would still schedule KU for its non-conference season. Just my two cents…Hawkeye fans?

15 months
Because I know all of you were waiting with bated breath to hear this…our kids passed their 15 month check-up with flying colors. Actually that’s not for you. It’s for the Grandparents who are regular readers of this blog. Their heads are larger than normal (insert joke here) but otherwise they seem to be right on the mark.

Odds and Ends
Glee with Neil Patrick Harris was phenomenal. Best of the season, Parenthood slips to a close second in my book. The HBO Series The Pacific had a great finale, but overall the stories were a little heavy on the gore and light on the history. I wanted to know more…so I’m going to go read more……The Chicago Blackhawks are up 2-0 in the Western Conference Playoffs. So I’m probably going to see The Hawks win a Stanley Cup before I’m going to see the Cubs win a World Series…Here’s your quarterly reminder…first pedal on the right…accelerate when getting on to the freeway!!! You’re going to get someone in an accident if you don’t GO FOR IT!… Racing begins at Iowa Speedway in Newton this weekend. We had one of the drivers from the K&N Pro Series East West Challenge on this morning. Great guy, Sophomore at DUKE! Ya think he understands the physics of racing?…KFC insures heart specialists will have a job into the new century by keeping the Double Down on it’s menu. Two slabs of fried chicken, bacon and cheese, what could go wrong?

With that I’m off!
Have a great Day

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    My son had a big too – he's almost 5 and his body has finally caught up to his big head :) Your boys are very cute! Love the new weather graphics.

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