Magic Heart, Warner’s Eye, Football Weather

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  • Hey Magic, you surprised me. I thought you had no heart. You proved me wrong. Nice job.
  • The question of the week: “What’s wrong with Kurt Warner’s eye?”. Kurt says he was recently poked in the eye. It should be fine soon.
  • LeBron Cavs fired Mike Brown. Winningest coach in the NBA can’t keep his job. I actually understand too. He seems overmatched in the playoffs.
  • NBA series take way too long. Several days between games? Stupid. Hard to get traction of interest.
  • RIP Law & Order. You were good to us.
  • “Lost” lost me a long time ago. Did it turn out to be purgatory? That was always my guess, but then I was raised Catholic.
  • I hope NY/NJ gets the Super Bowl in 2014 (we find out Tuesday). Why shouldn’t the big game be played in football weather? Most of the people in the stands are corporate types, not true blue fans anyway.
  • The Blackhawks vs. Flyers. Nice. Two sweet jerseys too. Edge to the Blackhawks. Simply classic.
  • I worked the Little League concession stand over the weekend. I remembered the most important thing: avoid the cash register. If you’re new to Little League parental duties, don’t forget this all important tip.
  • We’re still moving into our new HD house. Like any move, we’re finding challenges, but overall, thanks to the hard work of a lot of people who understand stuff I don’t, it’s gone smoothly. We weren’t all systems go for SoundOFF, but we appreciate your patience, understanding, and all the nice comments about the sweet new look. Thanks.