Summer… HD … Rear Ends

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
How about this weather? I love it. You will not hear me complaining about the heat, particularly after the wicked winter we had.

A bunch of us enjoyed the summer-like conditions Saturday afternoon and evening at Sonya’s house. It was wondeful mix of ladies and we had a great time. The gathering meant that most of us weren’t very productive on Sunday, but sometimes that’s ok.

We had all sorts of conversations about all sorts of different things and some hilarious stories were told. Of course we were talking about our transition to high definition tv and all of the stress that preceeded it. It’s so vain, but those of us who work in front of the camera were freaking out about what this meant for us. When you read articles describing how crystal clear an HD picture is and how every minute flaw on a person is exposed, it’s a little unnerving. I have to admit, I haven’t recorded any of our evening newscasts so I really don’t know what I look like. I’m of the opinion that ignorance is bliss! I do know that all of our video looks incredible and we hope you’re enjoying the change. A lot of people behind the scenes have put in countless hours of hard (and sometimes frustrating) work to make all of it happen.

Along with HD comes new makeup. We put it on with an airbrush. Who knew?!?! Michael says it’s just like painting a car. As Mr. Ed likes to say, “Uh-oh … better get Maaco!”

Women on tv get all sorts of feedback about the way they look. Many times comments and questions concern our hair. I have a confession to make. If I’m having a bad hair day I have been known to grab the scissors myself. In fact, I keep a pair in our makeup room. Last week Sonya said, “Did you get your hair cut?” I said, “Kind of…” When I see my stylist Angie this week she will just laugh at me and say, “I see you’ve been at it again….”

Andy Fales made a comment to me last month that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. He was asking me about one of our “Workout of the Week” shoots and then he said, “Have you ever wondered what will happen if you get injured?” I was puzzled. Fales explained, “Well you don’t really monitor what you eat so if you can’t workout you’ll probably blow up!” Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not an avid calorie counter. I’ve never been one to deny myself a cheeseburger or ice cream when I feel like it but now I’m starting to think I need to be better about this. What a drag.

The opposite of this conversation is one I had with a girlfriend a few weeks ago. She commented on the jeans I was wearing and I told her the best thing about them is they were $19.99 at JC Penney (I love a bargain)! She said, “Wow. Well, your butt looks really good in them!” That’s a nice thing to hear no matter who’s saying it, but for some reason women are always most pleased when another women gives a compliment like this. It’s probably because we are well aware of how critical we can be.

Speaking of butts – that’s basically where my injury is from our karate workout. Seriously. If you watch the segment you will notice that we did a TON of different situps. I never experienced any pain during the class but the next day my lower back was really hurting. After the work that evening I placed my hand on my lower back and it felt like the lowest part of my backbone was sticking out. Michael took a look and said, “Oh my gosh! What did you do?!?!” It honestly looks like I am growing a tail. It’s weird. I go back to the doctor this Friday and I’ll be interested to hear what he thinks should happen next.

Right now I am going to head home for dinner. Maybe I’ll start that whole food-rationing business tonight. Yeah, right!

Have a wonderful week!

PS …. Tune in Wednesday at 6 for a great “13 Cares” follow up report. Sgt. Kyle Dykstra is home on leave from Afghanistan and we’re talking to him about his efforts to collect school supplies for kids there.

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  • gymrat

    Erin, HD definitely works for you, no worries.

    You may have bruised your tailbone. My wife did once and took weeks to heal.

    I don't think you'd like this weather if you had to work outside in it though. :-p

    Great blog post this week! Thanks for sharing!

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