Memorial Day Weekend

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We’ll make this a quick sendoff to a long weekend
The News:

I saw a couple of people on Facebook asking what the smoke near the fairgrounds was…turns out it was further east than that. Hawkeye Wood Shavings? Yeah that one was going to be a tough fire to fight.
A second fire in Windsor Heights took fire fire departments to put out. The homeowner and her pets were safe.

Don’t ask Don’t Tell
See earlier posts on this but I agree with the House vote repealing Don’t ask Don’t tell. If some of you are on the fence about this issue, let me enlighten you on some of the opinions of those who would like to see this policy stay in place, and what they believe will happen if it’s repealed.
Now I am SURE there will be legitimate issues to deal with if this policy is repealed. That is not one of them.

Honor Flight

Central Iowa Honor Flight announced they’ll take about 700 more World War Two Veterans to Washington D.C. this summer to see the WWII Memorial. We’ve been invited and I’ll be honored to go along again. I’m excited to tell more stories of our amazing Vets.

BTW, the second flight is courtesy of Bill Knapp. Knapp himself is a WWII Vet. He was in studio this Noon hour and told me about Captaining a landing craft carrying Marines to the beaches Okinawa. This is a gift to his fellow Vets.

I’m getting out to play some golf today thanks to my wonderful wife.

Have a good weekend


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