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Tornado, Free Speech and Missed Call

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Where are you all?
No comments for two days this week. Everyone may still be asleep from the long weekend.

To the News
We got our first last night down by Mt Ayr. Terrible to see so much damage but glad to hear no one was hurt.
It’s a good reminder for the rest of us that didn’t see the severe weather last night…what’s your plan. As we were coming home from the gym last night I was mentally walking through how we would get Sally, the boys and I into the basement in an emergency. Just something to think about.

Al and Tipper Gore are separating. One wonders what makes a couple who’s been together for forty years decide to call it quits. At least it seems this is a mutual break-up. We don’t have to suffer through the gossip and innuendo of some indiscretion or fault on either person’s part.

Free Speech
We talked a little about free speech here yesterday and this morning there’s more on the subject in The Des Moines Register.
A 527 group is putting out attack ads slamming former Gov Terry Branstad, but it won’t make a list of it’s donors public.
The group has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars throwing mud at the campaign and making pretty specific claims about his record…but we don’t know who’s doing the talking. That’s not free speech that’s cowardice.
It doesn’t matter whether the group doing the ads has good intentions, or even whether they’re telling the truth…how can it be taken seriously when the people speaking won’t stand behind what they say?
I say this regardless of the group’s message, anyone who wants to get into a political debate this way needs to show their face. The group is deliberately skirting the law to smear a candidate. This is not high minded political discourse.
And before anyone says…Republicans do it too…Then they’re cowards as well. You would think anyone who spends $400,000 to attack a candidate would think it’s an important enough cause to stand behind publicly.

Missed Call
I talked yesterday about wanting to play the Principal Charity Classic Pro-am event…Tuesday I missed my chance. The tournament called Tuesday morning and graciously asked if I wanted to play a spot that had opened up unexpectedly. Why didn’t I…I never got the call. I left my phone in the car yesterday so I didn’t see I’d missed a message till I went back out to my car later that morning. My bad. Looks like it might be a little gray for the morning rounds this morning but this afternoon and tomorrow look good. Good luck to everyone playing in the event. Get out and enjoy if you can.
Have a good one


  • C-Marshalltown

    Okay Okay, I have been slacking. Oh I mean, I have been busy at work. Thats it. haha Doesn't mean I'm not reading the blog tho. I did get to see you on the news at noon last week, while on my extended weekend, AND, I was actually able to watch the entire morning show Friday. Had a great holiday weekend and hope everyone else did as well.

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