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Wasted Money, Campaigning and Blackhawks

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Good Morning
Had a great day off yesterday after a long Primary night at the Zaun Campaign. I got to thinking my blogging was rather boring, so if you have any questions about our primary night coverage…let em fly!

To the News
Wasted Money
I could hear a lot of you laughing at the screen when we were reading our script on the new report dealing with the Wall St bailout. We said something like, “we may never see billions of dollars of that money”. So tell me something I don’t know.
The President is also asking all Federal Departments to cut spending by five percent…how bout we make it ten?

The campaign for Gov is going to be a good one and it’s already started. That will make for interesting news to people like me. I think it might get old by November for the general public.
There are still questions about Bob VP’s intentions after the primary. He got a lot of support, but I wonder how many of those votes were Dems crossing over Hoping BVP would be the nominee? A lot I think. One has to ask themselves how BVP or any of the people pushing his campaign can really think that Gay marriage and immigration are actually the issues that most Republican voters want to hear at the top of the Priority list? More than half of the people who came out to vote rejected that premise.

On a Side Note
Chairman of the Democratic Party here in Iowa Michael Kiernan offered his resignation for health reasons yesterday. His doctors found a tumor at the base of his ear.
I don’t care your political leanings, Michael is a good guy and cares deeply about his politics. It should say something that the head f the opposition party quickly sent out his well wishes for Michael.
We know him more as the spouse of a co-worker than a political operative. Everyone on the Today in Iowa crew is thinking of the Kiernans and wishing him successful treatment and recovery.

What a great night for Chicago sports. The Hawks pulled off a huge win in Philly to win the Stanley Cup. I got through two periods before I had to go to bed.
So I missed the clinching goal. Was that the WORST celebration you’ve ever seen? How about the worst play by play call of a goal to clinch a championship?
I really liked watching this team play hockey and the Finals sure were entertaining. I hope the Hawks can keep their core players in The Windy City and the team can make another run next year.

SO all of this talk of expanding the Big Ten is getting a little crazy. I can’t go anywhere wearing my Missouri cap without someone asking me what I think. What do I think? I’d love it of MIZZOU went to the Big 10. I’d like to see this idea unfold.
The Big ten offers invitations to Nebraska and Missouri, and quickly follows with invitations for Iowa State, Kansas, K-State and Notre Dame. How bout that for a conference? Your good football programs still have some patsies to play (Kansas) and just think of the Basketball!!
What a conference schedule that would be. Natural Rivalries will form with Missouri and Iowa, Iowa v Iowa State could become a conference game!
I know I know…it will never happen because Iowa State Kansas and K-State don’t have anything to offer. I disagree. It gives the Big 10 cover. If they could Land Notre Dame, that’s the big fish. If you offer invitations to some of these other schools to preserve the tradition and some rivalries…you may quiet the critics who are calling you dirty names for sullying the history of college football/sports. I know it’s pie in the sky but that’s what I’d like to see.

Havea good one

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