Gulf, Gold and On My Own

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Good Morning

Is anyone else sick of the rain? The good news is that I don’t have to mow when it rains…the bad news…the grass keeps growing. Of larger concern to a lot of people is the potential for flooding. We’ll keep watching Fleur Drive to see if the City closes it down.

To the News
So the President is headed back down to the Gulf of Mexico today. there’s some sense in that…I guess. What do people expect him to do? Is the Government going to take over this operation? If The President himself going to get in a sub…go down there and cap this mess? I doubt it. The questions and circumstances surrounding the causes and the reposes to this leak are more complicated than any of US can comprehend. I’m an educated guy, but because I don’t have a masters in Engineering, Oceanography, or geology, I think I’ll hope the experts are going to handle this one. I can hardly watch the video from the Gulf anymore.

It’s just one of the valuable minerals and precious metals found in Afghanistan. I guess the Soviets found this stuff in the 80’s when they invaded but never did anything about it. So the U-S moved in about four years ago and started surveying the ground. They found Gold Silver, Iron and most importantly, lithium. The discovery could fundamentally change the economy in Afghanistan. If it’s done properly; you’re talking about the development of a middle class and distribution of wealth that could help build a modern infrastructure in a nation that badly needs it.

World Cup
So I’m no great fan of soccer, but put a US flag on the jersey and, generally speaking, I’m in.
That’s the case with the World Cup. I will watch with some interest as the US completes it’s round robin play, hoping they can move on. The elimination rounds will bring even bigger hype than this US/England Match.

Big 12/10…whatever
So the Big …whatever it’s called is making one last ditch effort to get everyone to stick around. They’re trying to convince Texas it’s in the best interest of everyone, including the Longhorns, to stick around and share more money. Good luck. Have you ever met any Texas fans? You’ll be able to identify them because the world is spinning all around them.
This is going to get ugly.

On my Own
Jeriann and Brooke are taking some much deserved time off this week. I wish them both restful vacation time. Jeriann is back by the end of the week but Brooke is out until next Monday, so please watch anyway.
Have a good week!

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