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Thanks… Say what?!?… Can’t see HD…

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang.
What rotten weekend weather! I feel so bad for everyone involved in the Hy-Vee triathlon. I can’t imagine the hard work it takes on every one’s behalf – from organizers to athletes – and to have the skies open up like they did had to be enormously frustrating. The good news is, Ed says we will dry out for a few days!

I can’t adequately express how much your blog comments, emails, facebook posts and voicemails mean to me. I am rarely at a loss for words, but in this case I am. The past few months have been strange and scary and somewhat surreal for Michael and me and it’s been wonderful to receive such lovely words of support and encouragement.

Say what?!?!
Last Friday Dan Winters and I were cracking up talking about the way some words and sayings in the English language are massacred. For instance, for years I said “For all intensive purposes…” instead of “For all intents and purposes….” Dan knows someone who used to think the saying was “Joe is like a bowl in a china cabinet…” I’ve heard some people refer to a headstone as a “hedgestone” and when I was little I thought the Lord’s Prayer was “Our Father, who art in Heaven… how do you say my name…” Do you have any funny examples to share?

Can’t see HD
I have a confession to make. Up until Saturday, we were unable to see the Channel 13 News in high defninition. I couldn’t figure it out. I knew we had an HDTV and that we’d done all of the scanning and stuff after the switch to digital but when we turned to channel 813 there was audio, but no picture. I finally decided to ask my colleagues about this and Keith and Ed suggested that we might not have an HD receiver. Guess what? They were right! Saturday morning the Mediacom dude showed up in the pouring rain (poor guy!) and got us all fixed up. HD is cool! I am willing to share this embarrassing story with you just in case you’re not getting us in high def and you don’t know why. I am the most technically challenged person on the planet so I probably can’t answer questions you might have, but I can help point you in the right direction.

Before I sign off … a reminder that I’m trying to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. So far I’m at a whopping $0. Bummer. If you can spare a couple of bucks you can make a huge difference in the lives of Iowa kids. Check out this site if you want to donate…


I’m off to get dinner … have a great week!


  • gymrat

    When a good people such as yourself and Michael need friends to pray and have good thoughts, we come out of the woodwork ;-)

    I have a friend that uses the phrase: “I can't phantom the idea” instead of “fathom”.
    One of my all-time favorites though is the mispronouncing of words such as “wash” ugh! It's not “waRsh”! hahaha!
    Keep your chin up and have a great week Erin!

  • Sassy

    A former boss told me his son had “ammonia”. He once visited at a house that had a large “muriel” on the wall. I couldn't say the words cinnamon and aluminum properly until I was at least sixteen!!!

    Also add my good wishes to you and to your husband as you face this challenge.

  • Angie

    When my daughter was little she could not say pancakes, she would say panicakes. It was cute but every now and then I catch her still saying it.

    My daughter and I are both cancer survivors. Keep your spirits up. Cancer is beatable!!! You can not let the bad things in life dictate how you live your life and you are an excellent example of that Erin. Very proud of you :)

  • The Brain Dump

    I knew a guy that got the words 'unisex' and 'bisexual' mixed up all the time. He told me his sons coat was bisexual because it was his sisters coat before it was his coat. I cried from laughing so hard!

  • Maxwell House

    Say what?!? I remember being a young news anchor on the set when my even younger producer told me in my ear that he was putting a science story in the next newsblock that I would read. I didn't think much about it until the word ORGANISM came up in teleprompter with no warning. I was so worried I was going to mess it up and say the other word. I'm sure there are people wondering why I said “organism” with so much inflection!

    Also, Brain Dump had me laughing so hard I cried!

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