Ed Wilson’s Steak au Poivre (Trostel’s Greenbriar)

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Yield Two Servings or One Ed Wilson

1 lb trimmed New York Strip Steak (or filet or top sirloin)
seasoning salt, to taste
1 oz fresh cracked pepper (on large plate)
6 oz mashed potatoes mixed with Boursin Sauce
4 spears asparagus (blanched and grilled)
1 artichoke (cooked), marinated and grilled


1. Season steak, roll in pepper and rub on meat.

2. Heat skillet (medium high heat)

3. Add oil or butter (Ed's method); sear steak on both sides until brown (if you prefer the meat more done, you can finish in a 400 degree oven until desired temperature)

4. Pull off stove or oven, let rest a few minutes before slicing.

5. Fan around mashed potatoes and arrange vegetables on top of potatoes, finish with Beurre Blanc sauce.

Garlic Beurre Blanc Sauce with Italian Seasoning


2 garlic cloves, minced
1 cup Ed's favorite White Wine
1 T Graziano's Italian Seasoning
1/2 lb Sheeder's Whole Butter (or your choice) diced
1/4 t basil
1/4 t chives
1/4 t parsley
salt and pepper, to taste


In heavy bottom pan, lightly saute garlic, deglaze with wine, reduce until almost dry. Gradually add butter while whisking, finish with spices, season to taste.