Lights Out, What were they thinking? and Where are they Now

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Good Morning…What a Morning!
Weather, outages, flooding, we had a little bit of everything…so lets get to it.

Lights Out
No jokes please…I got dressed in the dark this morning.

Thankfully the lights went out right at 2am, when I usually get up. I’ll tell ya, we poker fun at my Mother-in-law at Christmas every year. She’s usually got some safety gadget in our stockings. Seriously, I’ve got like five of those seat belt cutters in my car just in case my car goes underwater. Turns out we were glad we got our gadgets this year. They were backup lighting systems for when the power goes out. The lights went out, and these things lit up the room just like they were supposed to. So I had the emergency light in the bathroom getting ready…not ideal but it worked. I hope none of you lost power but if you did, I hope it helped remind you what you need to have around the house just in case.

General…Could you grab all your stuff and come into my office please?
I imagine that’s how the conversation is going to start this morning at the White House. General Stanley McChrystal, the top general in Afghanistan agreed to let a Rolling Stone Reporter interview him, and his staff for an article. Apparently the General and his staff got bombed one night with the reporter. He ended up with quotes that were less than flattering of the Obama Administration.
It’s almost hard to believe. With the restrictions on reporters are under in Afghanistan, that this guy got close enough, long enough to get this kind of information…that’s amazing. And before anyone talks about the reporter taking advantage, these guys get EXTENSIVE media relations training. Anyone who drinks with a reporter, better know that it could end up in print.
Beyond any of that, what would posses a top commander in the military to talk about this stuff with ANYONE?

Where are they Now?
Saw an article this morning about Jack Abramoff. Remember Jack? Lobbyist…convicted of felonies connected to his lobbying? The article in the Jewish Times of Baltimore says he just got out of federal Prison and he’s working in a Pizzeria. It’s supposed to be the best Kosher Pizza in Baltimore…so at least he’s got that going for him.

Us Moves On
So at least the US soccer team didn’t make us wait for a result…
Is anyone else’s heart going pretty good?
Bring on The Aussies!

As I write this BP announced one of it’s remote subs hit the cab siphoning oil off that leaking well. They had to take the cap off. Oil is now flowing at a MUCH higher rate into the gulf. Can anything else go wrong down there?

Today Lends a Hand
Al Roker was in town. You can see the story on our evening newscasts tonight. He was here to give a big donation to Youth Emergency Shelters. Nice to see so many of the organizations in town stepping up to help.

Hope you have a good day

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  • lorrie

    As a person living in North Central Iowa, I have to wonder why Channel 13 doesn't do a better job of covering our area. I have always been a fan of channel 13 news, but lately, with the weather the way it's been, I have been watching Channel 8 news. I was driving thru Clarion yesterday and was very happy to see a channel 8 news van there documenting the terrible flooding.

    I watched Channel 8 news this morning and noticed that they mentioned our area several times, with pics of the flooding.

    I know you can't be everywhere everytime something happens in your viewing area, but this was a serious situation.

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