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Rodney Heemstra Sighting

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Attention Shoppers: I ran by the Wal-Mart in West Des Moines and who do I randomly see? Rodney Heemstra. Heemstra is the Milo farmer who murdered his neighbor, Tom Lyon, 7 years ago. Heemstra already served his prison time and has failed to pay civil damages to Lyon’s widow.

I couldn’t see what he bought, but it looked like just a few items before I watched him get into his car in the parking lot. He left in what I think was a late 1990s model, gray, Ford Taurus with Minnesota plates. Anyone else ever see him around town? There is a Facebook group that tries to keep people updated on him, which as I write this, has 2,281 members. It is called, HOLD HEEMSTRA ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS CRIMES AGAINST THE LYON FAMILY”.

Court Comedian: I’m sure you have been watching every second of the Elena Kagan U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings, right? There was one moment that seemed to crack up most of the room.

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    I saw one the Bills from the state Credit Union commercials at Walmart. I guess you need to go to WM to see all the it crowd of central Iowa!

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