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A cup, a clock, a curb, and a crybaby

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Who ya got in the World Cup? Four teams remain: Germany, Spain, Netherlands, and Uruguay. Most will pick Germany, but I’m going with the Netherlands. I silently picked them as my Cup ‘sleeper’ before the event started. It still counts, in my book.

Someone, who wishes to remain nameless (Andy), said he would rather watch soccer than Golf. World Cup, yes. Anything else, no. My two best TV watching days of the year involved nothing but 6 consecutive hours of golf.

After seeing a replay of Dale Jr’s Nationwide win at Daytona, on Friday, I tried to watch the Sprint (or is it Nextel?) Cup race, tonight. I’m not sure what TNT is thinking with their commentators. It’s not that they’re bad…it’s that you rarely get to hear them. They played a picture-in-picture Coors Light ad 6 times in a 25 minute span. The finish was fantastic, though.

A broken clock is right twice a day, and the Cubs seem to win about twice a week. The only thing Cubs fans have to cheer for, this year, is a possible no-hitter. I heard Randy Wells had a no-no working into the 7th, and, as soon as I tuned in, he coughed it up. The same thing happened when Ted Lilly took a no-hitter into the 9th against the White Sox. When Big Z tossed his no-no in ’08, I didn’t get to watch because I was anchoring the 9pm sportscast. It’s definitely me.

The wife and I just finished season 3 of ‘Dexter’. We like it so much, I’m thinking about paying an extra 10 bucks a month so we can get Showtime in time for the season premier, in September. Speaking of great shows…Mad Men returns July 25th, and Curb Your Enthusiasm is back sometime in 2011.

I’ve decided to give Jimmy Fallon a second chance. I watched the train wreck known as his first episode (the one where Robert De Niro was giving one word answers), and gave up hope. When I tuned in a few days ago, he was a different host. He’s definitely better than Magic Johnson.

Just when you thought Sioux City was beginning to lose its strangle hold on the viral universe…  They just love being in the spotlight.

Two months from today, college football season beings with opening Saturday. Hopefully, that means an updated version of the best Hawkeye rap song in history is on the way.

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  • THomas

    A team ranked #4 in the world by FIFA cannot be a “sleeper”.

    Oh, and we coughed up the extra $$ for Shotime months ago, just for Dexter. Can't wait for the new season.

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