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Culver vs. Vaudt, Culver and Branstad

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Where is Richard Dawson when we need him?

It’s time to start…the family feud. Well, maybe not family. How about the Foe Feud: Big Lug vs. the Watchdog?
State Auditor Dave Vaudt’s office had been working on an audit trying to find out how the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division has been spending its coin. The audit found evidence the office bought fancy leather chairs, an art collection, bicycles and more. The Des Moines Register broke the story on it. And the auditor’s office, which hadn’t released the audit yet, accused Governor Chet Culver’s office of leaking it to the Register’s reporter. The reporter and the gov’s office both say that didn’t happen. The auditor said he will now revoke the gov’s privileges of getting advanced copies of audits before they go public. The gov’s office criticized the credibility of the auditor. What the heck is going on here?

I Love a Parade. The politicians were all over the parade schedules this weekend. Some made it through. Some got washed out completely. The two candidates for governor showed up at the same parade in West Des Moines. Here they are in action:


  • Anonymous

    No it wasnt raining….LoL. Culver was literally running the parade route.(at least when he came buy us) Someone prob told the big slug he needed to loose some weight. Or maybe a political action group said if he ran they would give him extra money or support.

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