Free Kobi, Change the Rules, Double Rainbow

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The biggest story of the day, in sports, involved a ton of hot dogs, and one arrest. Free Kobi!

If the Major League All-Star game ‘counts’, they better tweak the rules. Reds 1st baseman Joey Votto is arguably the NL MVP of the first half, yet he was left off the team. The same thing happened in the American League with Boston’s Kevin Youkilis getting the snub. The two have combined for 36 HR’s, 111 RBI, and a .305 average.

Someone in Lebron’s ‘camp’ says he may delay his decision until later this week. ESPN can only hope.

Have you seen the ‘double rainbow’ video yet? Thank Keith for this one. 

I’m ready for July to be over. This is the worst sports month of the year for one simple fact. It’s the only month without football, or basketball.

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