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Roberts for Reynolds, Price All-Star

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Party Man Carroll’s Republican Representative Rod Roberts is showing his devotion to the party. Roberts, the former candidate for governor, sent out a message on Twitter today to let people know he would be part of a stop in Carroll with the party’s lieutenant governor candidate, Kim Reynolds. Roberts had pledged to support the ticket after Branstad chose not to pick him to join it. Here’s what he sent out.

@RepRodRoberts: join me at Pizza Ranch in Carroll at 3:45 p.m. tomorrow for a town-hall with Republican LG Kim Reynolds!

I still haven’t heard anything from Bob Vander Plaats. Is he ready to help the team yet? Or will he make a run without the party? It seems like I keep writing the same thing about this topic. But doesn’t he have to do something, announce something, sometime soon? Or can he just keep letting this play out for a while longer?

I’m an All-Star Not quite. But David Price is. And congrats to the man who shares my name. Price is the uber-talented lefty pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. He just got named to his first All-Star game. And he has a pretty decent shot at starting the game, too. Quite an honor. But the David Price, baseball All-Star, should have been I. Oh, that’s right. I didn’t have any talent.(:
Something about Nothing. Thanks to Don McDowell, the press secretary for Iowa Republican Senate Leader Paul McKinley, for tweeting this today about the show about nothing.

@Historyday: On this day in 1989 “Seinfeld” debuted on NBC with the original name of “The Seinfeld Chronicles”.