Buzz Kill and Ray-Bans

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The Hawkeyes sure know how to kill a good buzz… pun intended.  Three potential Iowa starters have been arrested on alcohol-related charges in the last six weeks.  It takes the edge off the unprecedented hype for the upcoming season.  Binns will (eventually) be suspended for the Eastern Illinois game… that’s a given.  The big question is… will he have to sit against Iowa State the following week?  Kirk Ferentz had a track record of handing out a one-game suspension for OWI arrests.  But he bumped that up to two games when Shaun Prater was caught driving drunk before last season.  If Binns is wearing street clothes on September 11th, it could make a difference.

Forget about the annoying spectacle that was Lebron James’ decision special on ESPN.  The video of LeBron wearing sunglasses in the pitch-black Miami night told me all I needed to know about the self-annointed king.  Who does this guy think he is, Corey Hart?