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Good Morning!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend planned.

Marriage Ruling

I’ve said it here before and I will say it again. The Government should not be in the Yenta business.

A Federal Judge Ruled Yesterday that the Federal Defense of Marriage Act is Unconstitutional and I agree. Before you all go crazy on me with replies…hear me out.

To me this is about protection of your beliefs.

You have to ask yourself, if we can define marriage based on one group’s faith, why can’t another group define it or any other institution based on their beliefs in the future? This is about precedent. A same sex marriage in no way infringes on the ability of anyone in the United States to worship the way they believe and it does not require any Church to recognize a marriage. So what is the harm to society?

If you say same sex marriage is immoral, you are making the same argument the courts have already struck down when ruling on interracial marriage. You don’t have to believe it, in fact I support your right not to; but you live in a country founded on the idea that it would never force allegiance to any one religion.

To the people arguing this is another Judge making law from the bench let me ask you this: If the State Legislature here in Iowa passed a law saying it was illegal for any Christian Church to hold a public worship service, would that be the will of the people? Just because the Legislature passes a law, just because a majority of Iowans think it’s right, doesn’t make it legal under our Constitution. The Court’s Job in some cases is to protect the rights of the minority. It’s a check on the majority. The Rights of individuals and minorities have to be protected to make our freedom work.

Spy Games

The US sends ten spies back to Russia and gets four in return? I hope we at least got future draft considerations or a Spy to be named later.


Whatever…What a joke. This guy just sealed his legacy as a player that can’t win or build a dynasty on his own and a player that is nothing more than a gun for hire. See Keith’s post from Murphy’s Law for a spot-on break down of the announcement.

Also here’s The Cav’s majority owner’s open Letter to Cleveland fans. Ouch! But also spot-on. There’s no I in Team…There are now three I’s in Miami.


What a round! Paul Goydos shot a 59 at the John Deere Classic in the Quad Cities. Having Played TPC Deere Run a lot, believe me when I say…that’s hard! Goydos shot 28 on the back 9. Last time I played, I think I had 28 strokes by the time I played five of the back nine.

Goydos is also one of the main characters in John Feinstien’s excellent book A Good Walk Spoiled. If you like golf and haven’t read it, you’d love it


We bought our house yesterday…thanks for your well wishes. Now comes the hard part…packing up and moving. We have about a month. Of that, Sally is out of town five days, I am out of town five days and we have guests in town one of the weekends. I hope they’re ready to pack!

Date Night

Speaking of guests, thanks to my Mother-in-law, Sally and I get a Date Night tonight. We’re going to see Jersey Boys. Reviews Monday.

Hope you all have a good weekend


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