Family time…Gray hair…Laughter is the best medicine

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
Can you believe it’s almost the middle of July? The State Fair begins one month from today and I’m already plotting my trip to the Pork Tent!

Family Time
Speaking of the fair grounds – my folks and I were there over the 4th of July weekend to take in the Good Guys car show. Have you ever been? We didn’t have much of an itinerary for the four days my parents were in Des Moines and we were kicking ourselves that we put off the car show until Sunday since it was dreary and drizzly that day. We ended up with a pleasant surprise at the gate – free admission! I guess a lot of the participants had taken off that morning because of the weather, so they weren’t charging people. The Moodys love a bargain so we were tickled. I had a great time wandering around looking at all the cool old rides, and the neatest part was listening to my mom and dad reminisce about the cars they and their parents had owned over the years. We saw a really nice ’57 Chevy and I took a picture of my parents in front of it since that particular vehicle served as the location for my dad’s proposal 43 years ago! Boy does he wish he still had that car. We had a fun, low-key weekend together before my parents started making their way west to attend my dad’s 50th class reunion. I’m sure the talk about classic cars continued there!

Gray Hair
Last Thursday Sonya and I were in the bathroom getting ready for the five o’clock show when I made a horrifying discovery. A gray hair. I kept straightening my hair but this one strand refused to cooperate. It was all kinky and coarse and I finally just yanked it out of my head. Upon further inspection I realized why it was so weird. Ugh! I’m not sure how I feel about this. Both Sonya and Michael just laughed at me and said something along the lines of “Welcome to the club!” So do you have any gray hair? Do you recall finding the first one? Do you color your hair or just let it do it’s thing?

Laughter – The Best Medicine
Cliches may be annoying sometimes, but the reason they’re cliches is because they’re true. “Laughter is the best medicine” is one that’s been popping into my head a lot lately. Sometimes it can be really hard to maintain a sense of humor when it seems like everything around you is falling apart and people around you are jerks – but there really is something therapeutic about a good, long, full body laugh. My husband always manages to make me laugh. I love him for a lot of different reasons, but his sense of humor and ability to send me into hysterical, uncontrolled laughter are toward the top of the list. Within the past few weeks he’s told me two stories that had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. I am not exaggerating. When I was little, my cousins used to tickle me until I peed – that’s how hard I laugh when I really get going. But – I digress. The point is, laughter really can change your outlook and make you feel better when things are looking bleak. If you can’t work up to a genuine laugh, try starting out with a smile or even a little giggle – the other nice thing is that these outward displays are usually contagious!

Have a great week!


  • Carrie Krupke

    My husband keeps telling me that he married me because I laughed at his jokes and he still loves me because I still laugh. It might an interesting news story to study the effects of laughter on people who are ill and how it can truly lower stress on the body. It may be cliche, but it's been scientifically proven!

  • Bob Nielsen

    Gray hair – I found my first one about two years ago – my wife was cutting my hair and when I looked down, I saw it amongst the normal brown hairs – I FREAKED!! But, considering I'm 4 months shy of the BIG 40, I guess it shouldn't surprise me!!

  • gymrat

    I got grey hair in my twenties. Horrible. That's one of the reasons I shave my head now. My wife loves it though, says it's distinguished. *groan*

  • sixbehrs

    I found my first gray at age 15….been coloring since age 19….now, when my roots grow out a bit, I can see that I'm well over 50% gray…at age 36!!! Yikes!

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