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Gingrich in Iowa, CBS and CNN merger

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Professor Gingrich: We had an early start to the day to go see a presidential candidate. Can I call Newt Gingrich that yet? Gingrich headlined a breakfast fundraiser for Iowa 3rd District Republican Congressional Candidate Brad Zaun at 7:30. Zaun seems to be one of those high energy campaigner-guys, so it probably wasn’t just the morning cup of joe that had him all over the stage at the Des Moines Christian School in Urbandale. But many in the room (200 or so) were more likely there to hear from the former U.S. Speaker of the House Gingrich. Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson has audio of the event.

I asked Gingrich his role. He said, “maybe teacher…or a coach”. Gingrich is traveling across the country (he said he hopes to get to all 50 states) to help teach campaigns had to run an effective operation. He said he will decide next February or March whether he will run for president. I think he has made similar comments before. But it does seem like he is looking at a run a little more seriously than he did in ’08.

Gingrich was one of the lead architects of the Republican revolution in 1994 with his Contract with America. I asked how he would compare 2010 with 1994. He said, “the economy is much worse now. Obama is much more radical than Clinton. The country is much more worried. And I think Republicans by September have to have a good, positive message. I think they have a real chance to win a decisive victory.”

He added part of the winning strategy should be focusing on the economy, not exclusively, but at least showing how everything…education, tax policy, etc. comes back to the economy. He said, “The underlying theme should be what do we need to do to get America back to work and what do we need to for jobs. And I think for most Americans, that’s the heart of our current dilemma.”

I did hear a commercial pitch 4 or 5 times (unintentional? intentional?) where he mentioned Obama’s secular, socialist machine.” The name of his book? “To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine.”

50 dollars to get into the event. The menu looked like fruit and muffins. No sign of any fig “newt”ons. Yeah, I know. That was lame:)

In case you were wondering… one of his staffers said Gingrich would be making an appearance at the Iowa State Fair. Thinkin‘ about 2012 are you, Mr. Speaker? Maybe he just wanted to try those fried Twinkies.

Fair Vote: Dallas County Republicans think residents are putting their pennies where their support is. It’s a pocketful of votes, but Republicans fared well in their vote at the county fair. Speaking of…word has it that Channel 13’s Cast Your Kernel will return to the Iowa State Fair. Stay tuned for details on that one:)

CBS/CNN: NBC has MSNBC and CNBC. ABC has ESPN. CBS has? Perhaps, CNN. There’s a report the two could do some type of news-sharing operation to save money, cut jobs, etc.