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Cap, Vandals, and Y

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Good Morning.

I almost closed my eyes last night without changing the alarm. Sally thought it would have been pretty funny if I woke up late again…I didn’t.

In fact I woke up and got to work a little earlier than I have been. A year and a half of twin boys has stretch my arrival time into work a little farther than I’d like. So I am going to make a renewed effort to get to work about a half hour earlier. We’ll see how long it lasts but I like having the extra time before the show.

To the News


BP says it’s got a new containment cap on that leaking oil well and they think they may be able to get all of the oil coming up from the well within a few days.

So lets take bets, how long will it be before the National Media deserts the Gulf Coast for the next big thing? How long will it take for the Gulf Coast to go from making news as the biggest environmental disaster in American History…to page 10 of your morning paper?

My bet is three weeks. If the skimmers get working, the weather holds and BP continues to pour money on the situation…I would bet the end of this story is not nearly as bad as the predictions. I still hear reporters saying words like “could” and “may” in their stories. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a huge mess and the impact will be felt on the Gulf Coast for decades. I also think reporters and some “experts” said a lot of things to make some headlines.


I’m viewing this story about some teen vandals who allegedly knocked over 40 gravestones through the lens of a new parent. What if my kids did this?

So I ask, what would you do? I don’t think Carlisle has a jail, but if it did I think I’d want my kids to spend a few hours thinking about what they did in a cell. Either way, I think I’d want them to contact any of the families the cemetery could find and apologize. It’s always hardest to ask forgiveness to the people you’ve actually wronged. A Summer working off the cost of the damage at the Cemetery might also be appropriate.


The YMCA is dropping the MCA from it’s identification…It just wants to be known as The Y now. OK with me but what are The Village People or every bad DJ from coast to coast going to do?

In the words of J Peterman:

PETERMAN: I’ve already left, Elaine. I’m in Burma.
ELAINE: Burma?
PETERMAN: You’ll most likely know it as Myanmar, but it’ll always be Burma to me. . . . You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your belts!

It’ll always be the YMCA to me.

World Cup Shame
I guess one of the best players of all time thought the Dutch were playing like punks too. The kickers is…he’s Dutch!

Live from the Open Championship starts at 2pm today on the Golf Channel.

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