Cheering Big Z, East vs. West, B-Ross in Manpris

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  • Carlos Zambrano is currently one of the most overpaid, underproducing players in all of sports. He has a near $100 million dollar contract, and he’s a starting pitcher demoted to the bullpen. Worse, he can’t control his temper, and even lashes out at  his teammates, forcing the Cubs to suspend him. So how do I-Cubs fans greet Zambrano? With a standing ovation. Hey, we’re Iowans; we’re nice! Sure, there were a few scattered boo birds, or Cardinals, but mostly cheers. I wouldn’t cheer—because of the clubhouse disruption, not the bad pitching—but I wouldn’t boo either. Big Z’s our guest, albeit not a very talkative one. He cancelled two press conferences. Manny Ramirez thinks Zambrano needs to talk more. Steve Carlton wants him to open up. Harper Lee thinks it’s time Zambrano talk… You get the idea.
  • Nearly 13,000 fans at Principal Park Thursday night due mainly to the cult of personality that Living Colour once sang about. The Cubs in general, and President Sam Bernabe in particular, really needed a big night. Weather has wiped out so many marquee nights, Bernabe threatened Ed Wilson with a Louisville Slugger.
  • “Royal Pains” is a perfect summer show. Fun, bright, breezy, if forgettable.
  • A-Rod hit home run #599.  Yawn.
  • Iowa State football star David Sims has not been charged with a crime, but there are a number of people in Cyclone country holding their breath. Sims is an impact player, and anytime a student is being investigated in connection with a stolen credit card and subsequent unlawful use, it’s cause for concern. Football season is six weeks away.
  • Example of how to give a real apology and accept resonsibility, see Tom Vilsack. 
  • East vs. West at the softball ‘ship… who you got?
  • The debate rages on. Is B-Ross wearing manpris?