Indianola Tornado

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Tornadoes ripped through the northwest corner of Indianola last night. There were several homes damaged along Euclid Avenue on the northwest side of town. Barns and homes were also damaged near the intersection of R63 and Hoover Street.
The pictures you see on this blog came from our viewers. There are many more on the weather page of you can see them on the Photolinks Used On The Air button.
A survey crew from the National Weather Service will hit the area tomorrow and see how strong the tornadoes were and how long they were on the ground.
Massive flooding is still a threat tonight. We will have the last wave of storms moving through the state. Severe weather will not be the biggest issue. I’m talking tornadoes…there could be severe storms with damaging wind. The larger threat is the risk for flash flooding. 1″ to 2″ of rainfall an hour is possible.
Look for more pictures of the damage in Indianola.
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Stay safe…see you next week.