President Goes for a Swim

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Presidential Pic: The national media were waiting for President Barack Obama to take the plunge. If he didn’t get into the Gulf of Mexico during his family vacation in Panama City, would Americans freak out and think the water isn’t safe after the oil spill (undoubtedly prodded my media stories)? The prez reassured everyone it’s o.k. to get in the water as he and his daughter, Sasha, went for a dip. According to the Politico, the White House made sure of the exact image it wanted. Reporters and photographers weren’t around to shoot the swim. A White House photographer shot it and then released it to the media. No more six-pack ab shots of the prez apparently for the magazine covers. Some website called the Video Surf blog includes what it calls the Top 9 Shirtless Heads of State, in case you consider that news.

Sweet Corn: I’m embarrassed to admit it, but today was my first visit to Adel’s Sweet Corn Festival. Boy, I had missed a lot. Free sweet corn. Gallons of butter. Shakers filled with salt and pepper. All you can eat! We took my mother-in-law, Bonnie. She had a blast, too. She fits in just fine here in Iowa. And I won’t even mention all the butter she spilled on her white pants:)
Every town needs to embrace a festival that best shows what it and its people are all about. Adel seems to have figured it out.

Too bad I look like such a stooge eating my four ears today.

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