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Fair Fights and Fair Fun and T-shirts

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Good Morning and and welcome to the end of summer….
Most of today’s news is a rundown of time at the fair….Hey everyone else has done it, I figure why not?

Fair Fight
The second of two fights happened outside the fair gates and after the Fair ended last night. Part of me feels like…what the heck is going on…shouldn’t the Fair be a place you can go at night and not feel like you’re going to be caught in the middle of a scene from The Outsiders?
The Fair, of course is not…but these nights at the fair set aside for this group or that…The Fair might want to take a closer look.

Fair Fun
I had a great time out at the Fair Saturday and Sunday. So many of you came up to say hello and that you watch us in the morning. It’s nice to put faces with people who email or call in. I totally balked at the Fair Food. We took the boys out to the Fair Friday night because Sally had to work a shift out there. We had our Gyro and a Strawberry smoothie and even a lamb kabob…I think I’d had my fill. Plus, Fair food is pretty hard to eat when it;s that hot. All evidence to the contrary from the hoards of people walking by the Fair Booth. Here are some other observations.
-Maybe we should have had a “None of the above” jar on the table, but we wouldn’t have known that until the voting started and we started getting feedback. once you start, you can’t very well change the choices. Also, if we’d made that choice that would indicate some level of editorializing on our part right?
-T-shirts: Brooke’s pick: Don’t Meth with Iowa
Brad: PETA: People for the eating and tasting of animals.
Me: Lez-b-friends: on the back of a woman who had her shirt pulled up so her gut could air out a little.
Jeriann couldn’t think of one.
-I hate people who do this and now that I actually have to make parenting decisions I think differently about judging anyone, but I saw a lot of kids younger than mine screaming in their stroller while their parents put blankets over them Sunday. When we had our kids it was winter and we wouldn’t take them out of the house in February because we were worried they would be too cold. Why is it different when they’re hot. I saw one kid crying and the mom slapped the kid. I’m not kidding. I saw some people who were around her step in and try to explain that that kind of behavior is unacceptable. Heat, a baby and the Fair…It just doesn’t seem like a recipe for success.

Drivers Ed
Did you hear about the Mom that let a 12 year old get behind the wheel and drive a couple other kids to Iowa City. The Police pulled the kids over when they saw the car swerving all over the Road. I cant imagine what state of mind you would have to be in to agree to let your 12 year-old drive down the block much less 32 miles away.


  • Bryan Walker

    Really hard to figure out the fair thing? Too hot, too much beer and all of the 'gangs' that were coming into the fair after dark. We met many roving packs of youngsters after sundown that were simply at the fair grounds looking for a fight. why else would anyone come to the fair after 9pm when all of the buildings and exhibits are closed. Or after the concerts are over and dump upwards of 13,000 additional drunks on to the concourse. It is no longer about family enjoyment. The fair is only concerned about how much money they can separate from the attendees. It is no longer the family friendly venue that it once was. It is all about greed now, the almighty dollar. It is very sad but even the once great fair is a victim of corporate greed and Iowa families are caught in the middle. Not only are they getting held up at gunpoint by the fair, but they have to dodge the vagrants, gang members, and welfare moms to try to enjoy a quality time with their family. The fair ness to rethink their image or risk lower attendance next year.

  • A.

    The fair costs are out.of.control. It cost my family $50 just to get in the door, not to mention the additional $30 to have a meal there – and that's *with* splitting lemonades and being frugal. I was really appalled at the price of everything this year – and we didn't even have to pay extra like some others from out of town do, just for the gas to get there and back!

    We won't be going back.

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