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Glad to be back…Books, Boys & Bicycles…

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

Glad to be back
I’ve been away from work for two and a half weeks and it is good to be back! A lot of people raise an eyebrow and look at me like I’m crazy when I say that, but it’s true. I love my job and although it’s nice to have a break, this one wasn’t a vacation. For those of you who don’t know – my husband had to have surgery to have a tumor removed from his saliva gland. Everything went as well as it possibly could and Michael is now on the road to wellness. Many thanks to those of you who’ve sent lovely cards and emails our way – your prayers and support mean so much to us. It’s been a stressful winter, spring and summer for us and we are looking forward to a drama-free fall!

I’ve mentioned my love of reading before and the recent down time meant plowing through more books. I’ve finished “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo” and “The Girl Who Played With Fire” but I haven’t purchased “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” because I haven’t found it in paperback and I don’t want to pay for the hard cover (stingy, I know). Right now I’m reading a book my mom recommended, called “The Help.” So far it’s wonderful and I’m looking forward to seeing how the characters and plot develop. And I must confess, I’ve also spent considerable time flipping through magazines like “People” and “Us Weekly” … I can’t help it, it’s a guilty pleasure.

I’ve always known that Michael has some wonderful friends and during the past few weeks (and months) they’ve really been there for him. James and Jeff and Michael have been friends for years and it’s been fun to see them spend some quality time together lately. James is always offering food (his grandpa is Noah Lacona of Noah’s Arc – the family can cook!) and in recent days Jeff has provided welcome distraction with video games. Jeff and Michael could spend countless hours playing Madden football, or any shoot ’em up game. Personally, I don’t get it – never have. But my attitude toward video games changed dramatically over the weekend with the introduction of Guitar Hero. I think I’m addicted! I am really awful right now, but I think with some practice I could be decent. Ha.

A few years ago we bought really nice bikes. It happened by accident. We started shopping and quickly realized we had NO IDEA how complicated the world of bicycle buying had become. Michael and I fondly remember the days of our folks buying us bikes at Pamida or Coast-to-Coast for fifty bucks. When we started visiting local shops and saw the price tags, we almost hyperventilated! That, combined with all of this new information about frames and tires and gears and accessories had our heads spinning. Needless to say we ended up spending way more than we ever intended but justified it by telling ourselves that this purchase was part of our effort to do something fun and healthy together. That’s all well and good except that the bikes haven’t seen the light of day for at least a year. The good news is we did drag them out of the basement last week, dust off the cobwebs and inflate the tires. We are looking forward to some great rides this fall – let us know if you have any favorite trails!

I need to wrap this up – I’ve been working on this silly post off an on for seven hours … enough already!!!

Have a wonderful week!


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