Babies… Bicycles…Brain dead

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
I can’t believe how quickly the weekend flew by… I feel like I need another day devoted to getting ready for the work week!

Saturday afternoon was spent at Emily Price’s baby shower. It was originally set for June, but had to be rescheduled when Emily had to be on bed rest for several weeks. It was a lovely day with a nice mix of women …

lots of fun presents …

and a special guest! Mr. Hayden joined the party and was perfectly behaved – in fact, this is pretty much what he did the whole time! This child looks exactly like his dad. Emily said, “It’s like I had nothing to do with it!” We all said, “Yeah, except for all the hard work!”

You know those bicycles I told you about last week? They’ve been getting a workout and it’s been so fun! Michael even got them outfitted with lights so we can do night rides without risking our lives. One of our stops was the Pappajohn sculpture park where a nice guy offered to take our picture inside the giant man made of letters (I think the piece is called “Nomade”).
If you haven’t visited the sculpture park or checked out our amazing trail system, you should do both before winter hits. Don’t have a bicycle? No problem. You can rent bikes at Gray’s Lake and hop on the trail right there!

Brain dead
That is how I feel today. I’m really struggling to stay awake and I’m afraid I did a terrible job anchoring the five ans six o’clock shows. It’s like my brain and my mouth are disconnected. Hopefully the ten will be better. If not – tomorrow’s a new day!

Have a wonderful week!

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