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Rees Endorses Boswell

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R Picks D: Monday, retired architect Mark Rees announced he is endorsing Des Moines Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell. Boswell’s campaign had promoted the event with this headline:

Boswell to Hold Press Conference with New Republican Endorsement

Some Republicans had questioned how “Republican” Rees really is/was. He was a registered Democrat when he filed to run as a Republican in Des Moines’ 3rd Congressional District. He ran as the most left/most moderate (whatever words you want to use) candidate of the 7 Republican choices and finished 4th in the June primary. He said he has voted for both parties in the past. Today, Rees didn’t say anything bad about Zaun. His toughest words, perhaps, were when a reporter asked if Zaun was too extreme for the party and Rees responded, “yes”. Rees just said he respects how Boswell handles himself and the two have agreement on certain issues.

And this came to me from the Republican Party of Iowa:

Good morning,

If you’re covering the Rees/Boswell endorsement today, here is a quote from Executive Director Jim Anderson, for your consideration:

“Voters should take Mr. Rees’ comments with a grain of salt, given in recent years he has been a registered and active Democrat, participating in their primary as recently as 2006.”

There’s speculation this race could be Boswell’s toughest since he first got elected to Congress back in 1996 when he beat former GOP State Chairman Mike Mahaffey. Boswell had by far his closest race then when he won by just 1%. Will what Rees has to say sway any Republicans/Independents Boswell’s way? Does holding the announcement show how tough the Boswell campaign knows this race will be?

Here are a few reactions to the announcement:

Zaun Campaign Reaction to Rees Endorsement

Please attribute this statement to Robert Haus, campaign spokesman for Brad Zaun:

“When he announced his bid for Congress, Mark Rees said, ‘I am proud to say these (nominating) signatures were collected one door and one handshake at a time. The people I met were eager to share their opinions and ideas, but most of all their frustration with career politicians and business as usual in Washington.’, March 18, 2010.

Mark has now thrown his support behind a 14-year, career politician who embodies ‘business as usual’ in Washington, DC. Apparently the frustrations Mark heard at the door have been forgotten for political expediency.”

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  • Anonymous

    so Boswell and the dumpster divers in his campaign office have to lie about this guy being a republican to get people to show up?

    what a crock. Rees was pathetic in the primary and for Boswell to give this guy the time of day simply shows how desperate the Boswell campaign is.


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