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Still Cleaning Up, Getting on the Bandwagon, and Raising some $$

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Good Morning,
I don’t know if it’s the new house or the fact that I haven’t had a lot of time at the grill this summer but I nearly ruined two more steaks last night. I’m feeling like a baseball player in a slump. It’s was still a pretty good summer dinner…corn on the cob and steak.
Great way to get back into the work week…

Still cleaning up
I hope we can continue to keep some of this summer’s flood victims in the news. It’s going to be difficult because the bulk of people in Central Iowa had minor or no flood damage at all. It will take months…even years to clean-up and recover from these floods. Amazing, the national media spent a day…one day on Iowa.

Still cleaning up 2
On the Gulf Coast the natural disaster that is getting so much more attention is Hurricane Katrine. Of course, that’s as newsworthy as it gets. I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the stories they’ve done about rebuilding in New Orleans and some of the precautions they’ve taken to make sure the City doesn’t flood again. I was talking to someone Friday about that. Haven’t we learned yet? The minute you think you’ve built a wall big enough or a system that should keep the water away…it will impact someone/something else. That water has to go somewhere. City of Ames take note. As you talk about bigger levees or drainage areas…think of the impact that’s going to have on other parts of your town/or downstream.

Katrina’s five year anniversary was Sunday…

More on The Muslim thing
Newsweek has a good article about the misinformation being spread by people who don’t really have any ideas of their own. Worse, the people that should have ideas refuse to stop the rumors, instead they say…”Well I don’t agree but when this many people think there’s something wrong…I don’t know…you have to be suspicious.”
Get a grip. Lets have it out over the issues facing the country…this is not one of them.
On the Bandwagon
-Mad Men won again for the best drama at the Emmys…I need to start watching. Maybe we’ll go over to Blockbuster and rent season one.
-Jane Lynch is one of the best actresses on TV or in Film right now.
-Modern Family is funny but I didn’t follow it all season…too much TV, not enough time.
-I loved Tom Hanks Steven Spielberg’s series “The Pacific” but it wasn’t Band of Brothers. I think that’s why it got a lot more technical awards than it did acting.

Raising some $$
Thank you to all of you who came up and said hello at the Science Center of Iowa’s Auction Friday night. With the help of some very Generous people The Science Center raised more than $75,000 in their live auction. Don’t have totals for the other fundraising parts of the night. Aside from that it’s a good party every year. It’s also getting a little dressy!
I was the emcee, and part of the auction. Melissa Bernhardt’s husband Jeff bid on a round of golf with me. That’s Melissa on the left of the picture here…bidder number still in hand.
Someone else won a round of golf with John Bachman. Andy Fales agreed to host a party as an auction item and WHO-HD pitched in with tickets to Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon.
Great night and a lot of fun to be a part of.

700 and counting
Congrats to the team that puts Soundoff together every week. I wish I could stay up and watch.

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