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Earl, Game Day and Caffeine on my Eyelids

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Good Morning!
Can’t seem to keep my eyes open this morning even with the help of caffeine…on my eyes. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, The News:
Hurricane Earl went from a Cat3 storm yesterday to a Cat4 storm with winds of 145 mph or more this morning. This thing is WAY to close for comfort if I’m livin in North Carolina right now. What a bummer for all those people hoping for one last big weekend at the beach.

So Alimentation Couche Tard is trying to buy Casey’s. The company bid close to 30 bucks a share in June, trying for a hostile takeover. The Company rejected the offer and the market rewarded shareholders. The stock price hit $38/share yesterday. You can see why CoucheTard wants Casey’s.

So you think Iowa is a Flyover?
Consider this article posted by a bunch of people I know on Facebook. It’s an AOL article on the Brain Belt. Yep…you heard it..the Brain Belt. I guess Silicon Valley is so…last decade…
Anyway, if you live here you know all of the things that other people seem to marvel at when they move here. To my friends in big cities who enjoy the amenities big cities have to offer, I say, more power to ya. To those of you who feel buried and can’t seem to get ahead…I say, my mortgage on a new four bedroom house is probably half your downtown rent.

Game Day
College football starts in Ames tonight and all the clone fans are really excited. they should be…nothing better than a good tailgate on a September night. Jeriann says this is going to be a good one.
ISU officials are saying you might want to leave the buses and RV’s at home for this one. The ground around Jack Trice is still soggy from flooding. Good luck with that ISU.

Game Day2
What do you think of the new divisions in the Big Ten? I think I like the fact that Northwestern can still upset the Hawks every year.
What did you think of the video of Josh Koepple getting hit on his scooter? Nasty…
If you’re an opposing Defensive lineman do you feel like you’ve got a shot at getting to the quarterback this year? The guy got hit by a truck and got up! If you haven’t seen it…
Caffine on my Eyelids
I’m not joking. I actually put caffeine on my eyelids this morning. it wasn’t some desperate way to be more alert on less than normal sleep…it was actually in some moisturizer. I bought it cause I’m having a bit of a bad reaction to the new make-up we have to wear in HD. nothing seemed to work so I went to Kiehls. Here’s the description of the product:

Our ultimate solution for eye-area fatigue after a long flight
or a long night, our formula is made with cooling Cucumber and Alfalfa Extracts to energize and hydrate the thinner skin of the eye area. Its potent blend of Vitamin E and Caffeine fights fatigue as it helps combat dark circles and puffiness. With regular use, skin appears strengthened and the look of fine dehydration lines is reduced.

I’m not sure any of that happened.
At least I got two free samples. I’m probably not going to buy it, but it was fun to see people’s reaction when I told them I was going to put caffeine on my eyes.

I hope you have a good Thursday.



  • lizzy

    I was scheduled to travel to NC yesterday to go sailing with my cousin and her husband for six days. They have been sailing since April 15.

    Who flies to a Hurricane? Not me.

    Last I heard, they had to remove the sails and motor the ship (it's a 42' sailboat) to the bay and triple anchor it, cross their fingers and take their dingy back to the marina and find someplace to hunker down.

    They are in New Bern, south of the Outer Banks.

    My prayers and best wishes are with them and everyone on the East Coast.


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