Videos: Iowa Democrats, Boswell, Zaun, Rees

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Video Vault: A few videos have my attention today. And I’m curious what you think of them. The first is a followup to a story I did earlier in the week. I covered Des Moines area Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell’s announcement that former Republican candidate for Boswell’s 3rd District, Mark Rees, had endorsed him. Rees is far from a Republican regular. He was a registered Democrat when he filed to run for the Republican nomination. The endorsement comes as Boswell could be in for the toughest, or at least a tough, fight to hold onto his job the November. The has this video of Rees not exactly praising Boswell’s efforts and congressman back when Rees was campaigning for the job. Rees also pledges to support the Republican nominee, which he is apparently not doing now. What do you make of all of this? Do you care that he isn’t following through on what he said? Will his endorsement sway anyone toward Boswell?

Speaking of the race, what do you think of the new attack ad the Iowa Democratic Party just released on the 3rd District Republican nominee Brad Zaun’s personal life? About ten years ago, Zaun had some type of incident with his ex-girlfriend. Police were called but charges were never filed. Democrats today released this ad about it. Here’s the video as reported in the Des Moines Register. Fair or unfair? Should Democrats have done something like this? Or is all fair game in love and politics? Let me hear ya!

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