New uses for old things… More padding, please… Step away from the knife

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Happy Tuesday blog readers! I really did start this blog yesterday but my ancient computer kept crashing and I got so frustrated I thought I might throw it out in the parking lot. Let’s try again…

New uses for old things
One of the (few) advantages to spending lots of time in hospital waiting rooms is reading magazines you would otherwise never see. Last week I read both an Oprah and a Real Simple and both were filled with interesting little nuggest on new uses for old things. Over the weekend I used one of the ideas … taking old magazines and using them to keep your boots upright and in good shape. Brilliant! Yesterday I did some Googling and found all sorts of other neat ways to repurpose things, save money and cut down on trash. Try typing “new uses for old things” into any search engine and see what you get. If you’re a penny pincher and an organzier like me, you will be thrilled. I know, I’m a geek.

More padding, please
I am really loving bike riding, but my butt is KILLING me! Michael even bought me a new pair of super-duper padded shorts – I’m still whining. We rode with Heather Burnside on Sunday and both she and Sonya insist that the more you ride, the more accustomed you get to the feeling (or the tougher your butt gets). I don’t know … a new, cushy seat may be what I request for my birthday!

Step away from the knife
If you read the blog on a somewhat regular basis, you know the Michael is the cook in our house. I’m capable, but he’s better at it. Our long running joke is that I’m his sous chef – and that I’ve been fired and re-hired many times. One of the reasons for the “firings” is that I am dangerous with a knife. I’ve cut myself more times than I care to count and there’s always much wincing and pain dancing involved in these incidents. That’s why it’s better for me to be a casual observer, and full time wine taster. Proof that even the pros slip up – Michael really got himself good Monday night. He was chopping up lettuce and green onions for a salad and suddenly his thumb was gushing blood. He cut the tip clean off! We determined that it wasn’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER, but it is a pretty nasty injury. I think I just got promoted – at least temporarily.

Have a great week!


  • Sarah

    Sorry Michael about your knife wound..however, have to tell you..never cut lettuce…always tear it. Reason? The lettuce will become brown on edge cut with knife..ok, enough tips from a 'chef' to 6
    Sarah..Fort Dodge

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