RVTV, Downright Proud, Hawkeye State

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  • Today’s the Day: RVTV. We’re on our way to Winterset. If you’re near one of the covered bridges, drop by and say hello. We’ll be in the town square.
  • We’ve never had more positive, immediate feedback than we did after last night’s SoundOff Stivers Ford spoof. A number of people laughed out loud, and you can count Andy and me in that group. It’s also great free pub for Stivers because several of the emails said they felt like driving to Stivers and buying a car. (Our thanks to Stivers for providing the now familiar music). One problem: I can’t get the song out of my head. You can watch the video in the SoundOff section of whotv.com. (It’s an 11 p.m. skit, and not for small children.)
  • I thought Iowa did exactly what a top ten team should do Saturday¬†against an overmatched opponent—the Hawks had the game won by the end of the first quarter. That’s a big difference from last season. Iowa looks improved from the opener a year ago, and so does Iowa State.
  • Iowa is a 14.5 point favorite. Given the recent history, that seems like too much. Iowa State is almost always the underdog, and usually covers, though not last year. I don’t bet, but rivarly games are always tough to figure. Three years ago at RVTV, we couldn’t find a Cyclone fan in Ames who gave 0-2 Iowa State any real chance of winning. The Cyclones shocked the Hawks without scoring a TD. No outcome could ever surprise me more.
  • I think Iowa is clearly a more talented football team. Iowa State needs a go-for-broke game plan, flawless execution, and a clear win in the turnover battle (see Nebraska). If that happens, the Cyclones have a chance; otherwise, it’s a Hawkeye State for the third straight year.
  • Time to hop in the RV. Enjoy Rivalry Week! Who knows how long we’ll have it.


  • Anonymous

    I am deeply saddened and heartsick that you received positive comments about the Stiver's commercial. After being an avid Sound-Off fan for many years, I am no longer. Keith, you have sons, as a parent, how do you justify your almost giddy behavior at such crass, lewd and a despicable display. Shame on you who gave positive comments……..I guess I thought our culture more moral….naive I am no more.

  • Keith Murphy


    Thank you for writing. (I also received your email.)

    We appreciate and respect all feedback, and welcome constructive criticism. Just because we received overwhelmingly positive comments doesn't mean those people are right, and you're wrong, and we never assume such. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Some people fall out of their chair laughing at Something About Mary, others walk out because they're offended.

    As for my small kids, I certainly would not have them watching a TV show at 11 p.m. The older kids watch Saturday Night Live, so SoundOff seems tame to them.

    As for my behavior, I laughed because I found it funny. Humor is subjective.

    Again, thank you for your feedback across several platforms. You've been heard.


  • Anonymous

    I think there are more lewd and crass things seen on “Two and a Half Men” (sorry I know it's on CBS) than were found in the Stivers' commercial. The only bad thing is now I have the jingle stuck in my head…

  • Mike Chernoff

    You're “heartsick”? Whatever, lady. Either get a sense of humor or stop watching anything but PBS. The sketch was totally funny. Cutting edge stuff that makes Soundoff something no one wants to miss. All of my friends were talking about how funny this was today, and I'd bet this lady anything that it wins over three times as many new viewers as it turns off.

    Mike Chernoff, Des Moines

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