Hawks Flyin High, ISU Returns to KC, Jets Crash

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Well, we’re back. It’s hard to believe it was already a week ago, tonight, that we kicked off RVTV in Winterset. This was my fourth tour on the RV road show, and it was definitely the best one yet. Not only have we figured some things out along the way, the towns and communities we visit have too. A huge thank you to all the folks in Winterset, Centerville, Albia, and Osklaloosa. Only 363 days until the next Cy-Hawk showdown in 2011.

I said before the game that I would be very surprised if the Cyclones won. After the game, I couldn’t stop saying how surprised I was that Iowa handled ISU as easily as they did. By the time the ‘Clones ran their 7th play on offense, it was already 21-0. At one point in the second quarter, the scoreboard read: Iowa 222 yards, ISU -2 yards. The Hawkeyes scored touchdowns on their first four possessions. Kirk Ferentz said it was the best a team of his has looked since 2002. I agree.

Iowa’s defense is expected to be one of the best in the nation, but the offense has been even better through two games. Last season, the Hawks ranked 87th in the country, averaging just 23 points a game. This season, they’re averaging 28 points — in the first half.

This Saturday’s game, at Arizona, will be one of the toughest tests the Hawks will face all season. Iowa is only favored by one point over 18th ranked Arizona. The U of I says there will be at least 12,000 black and gold clad fans in the middle of ‘Zona’s “Red-Out”. Before the season began, I thought the Hawks might lose this game…but after seeing them up close and personal in week’s one and two, I can’t pick against them.

The ticket search engine fansnap.com released its list of the most in-demand NCAA football tickets over the first two weeks. Topping the list was the Iowa Hawkeyes. LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame rounded out the top 5. Where you at Nebraska?

Iowa State also has a huge game. The Cyclones open up Big 12 play at Arrowhead in Kansas City against Kansas State. If you’re an ISU fan, you know exactly how last year’s game ended, so I won’t even both you with the details. I called the NIU game a must-win, and I’m going to label this one as a must-win as well. If the Cyclones can bounce back with a win, a bowl game is a strong possibility. This could be that one game that means the difference between a 5 win, and a 6 win season.

A big thanks to Austen Arnaud for ruining the season finale of Entourage. I was sifting through the tape of Monday’s press conference when AA stepped in front of the mic and went on and on about —- well I won’t give it away, in case you still have it on DVR like me.
Arrowhead Stadium is absolutely rocking, tonight. It’s becoming more and more rare for an NFL stadium to match the electricity found in its college counterparts, but Arrowhead is the exception.

Am I the only one that feels the Jets are a more entertaining team off the field, than on it? I couldn’t turn away from “Hard Knocks” on HBO, but their brutal offense made me turn away from Monday Night Football. Wake me up when the game is over so I can hear Rex Ryan at the podium.