Out of the Steak Fry, First Football Weekend and Money Pit

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Good Morning!

Lots to talk about from the weekend…

Out of the Steak Fry
I think Dems are going to feel like they got thrown into the fire for the next eight weeks. The run up to the mid-term elections may not be pleasant. This is the cost of being the party in power. if you don’t produce results, people start to blame you. And before someone emails and says “It’s the Republican’s fault for not letting the Dems do what they want.” The Dems have control of the Congress and The White house. There isn’t anything stopping Democrats from doing what they want. In fact I heard some analysis from NPR this morning, not the most conservative of media outlets, saying this Congress has actually done more than most…passed a lot of legislation, financial reform, stimulus etc. Democrats are being judged on their solutions to problems.

As a new parent I will admit I paused to ask questions and research some of the claims about child vaccines and autism. A new study from the CDC finds no evidence to connect vaccines with autism. I think it’s fair for parents to be asking what doctors are using on their children, but at some point you have to trust that the levels of government oversight, the doctors themselves and the pharmaceutical companies to do what is best for consumers. If that seems naive to some of you, I am not being naive, I am being practical and sceptical. If all of those people were in on a massive conspiracy, someone at some level would blow the whistle.

First Football
How much fun was the first weekend of NFL football and the second week of college ball. Notre Dame lost but it was one of the best games of the weekend. that’s how one of the oldest rivalries in college football should end. Two, and potentially a third score in the final few minutes made that a great game.
The Iowa/ISU game didn’t live up to the hype, but I think we know Iowa is for real. Hawk fans need to start cheering for the clones, cause each big 12 win they get…that point differential starts looking better and better. ISU, take heart. Iowa is just good.

Money Pit
My wife is starting to look strikingly like Shelly Long and iI am morphing into Tom hanks. Anyone know what that means? The Money Pit!
We are still messing with the electrical systems of this new house. I’m thinking we know our electrician well enough now that he may be in the will.
This weekend I went down into the basement to get a pizza for dinner and found out one of the contractors had unplugged the freezer in order to plug in a machine and didn’t plug the freezer back in. So that was about $400 worth of food down the drain (We had a bunch of USDA PRIME NY Strips). He didn’t mean to do it and the business responsible was really cool. they are paying us back for the food. For me that’s all I need. Mistakes happen. What I need to hear when they do is…What can we do to make it right. that’s exactly what these guys did.
The other problem from the weekend is my fault. When Notre Dame scored with like 2 minutes left, I was standing in front fo the TV and under the ceiling fan. i am a taller guy so when I raised my arms in celebration…the light above me EXPLODED. Glass everywhere! Took us two days to find all the shards of glass, and now we need new light covers. I need to learn to celebrate in a more subdued manor.

I hope you all have a good day!


  • anthillgoddess

    GREAT to hear the company is reimbursing you for the food. An “I'm sorry, how can I make it right?” is always appreciated and makes for great word-of-mouth advertising!

    And maybe just celebrate when you're NOT standing under the light instead of celebrating less enthusiastically? My husband's a tall guy, too…I understand!

  • titleist755

    Congress has not done one thing that the American people agree with as a collective. This Congress has done more than most. The only thing Congress has done that has approval is financial reform and that's because no one knows what's in the darn bill. When they find out, they are not gonna like it. Buckle up tight. November is gonna be bumpy and the Dems are not gonna be happy when it's all over.

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