Bowyer, Overtime, and the Blues

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I admit my interest in NASCAR dwindles quite a bit once football season starts. Now, the driver I was pulling for in the chase is all but out of the race. Clint Bowyer was docked 150 points after his winning car from last weekend failed inspection. Bowyer drops from 2nd to 12th in points, which ends his quest for the Sprint Cup. I met Bowyer and his car owner, Richard Childress, at the the Iowa Speedway this summer. Bowyer was a riot in the 20 minutes or so I spent b.s.-ing with him. Never mind the fact that he hit on every intern in sight during that time span…

Mark Dantonio’s recent heart attack made me curious about how many hours college football coaches work per week during the season, and how much stress is involved with the job. I broached that topic with Kirk Ferentz on Tuesday, but Ferentz really didn’t want to go down that road. If I had to guess, I’d say Ferentz works close to 100 hours per week during the season. But he also makes nearly $4 million per year, and Ferentz is smart enough to realize how it would sound if the state’s highest-paid employee was lamenting his long days. Ferentz admitted in generalizations that he works long hours, but also pointed out that lots of people work long hours or hold down two jobs. Such a soundbite doesn’t make for an interesting story, but it’s a smart play on Ferentz’s part.

I’m headed over to Blues on Grand to check out Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts. It’s a shame Des Moines will have one less place to listen to live music in just a couple weeks.