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Cost of War, Jaw Dropping Story, and A Quick Break

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Good Morning.

I can’t stop talking about one of the stories I saw online this morning. I’ll get to that in a minute…first some other news

Cost of War
Two stories on this same subject caught my attention and unfortunately I don’t think they will be the last of their kind.
The first came in an email from a woman who’s husband is training with the Guard in California. His Grandma died and he can’t come home for the funeral. That’s terrible, but it is the cost of the deployment. These guys may be in California, but the Guard spokesperson pointed out, and I agree…focus on training, and doing their job is really important right now. it will increase the chances everyone will come home safe. Isn’t that the most important goal?
If you needed a reminder of just how dangerous operating in Afghanistan can be, the helicopter crash this week should serve. An Iowan was on that helicopter and lost his life. It doesn’t have to be enemy fire that is the most dangerous part of an overseas deployment. Everything about the job these men and women will do is dangerous. We are so lucky they serve.

Egg Hearing
You prayed for the people who got sick? Great…all is forgiven…I’m sure that’s what the Federal Government wants to hear. I’m not knocking prayer, but I think the Congressional committee Jack Decoster was in front of yesterday had a few other things in mind when they called him. The second owner of Hilendale Farms didn’t talk. The guy who testified about the government response said.. they didn’t have standards written down anywhere so they couldn’t do anything. I’m not sure that’s the response I want from my government. If there’s a house on fire, I’m not sure I want the firefighters saying…no one wrote down the procedures on how to fight the fire…so we let it burn. Aren’t there some things (a pile of manure so large it busts a door open for instance) that common sense takes over and you just throw some water on the fire?

Early Voting
You can vote…right now. You don’t have to but you can. No excuses November 5th.

Jaw Dropper
You’ll want to go to Fox 2 Detroit’s website and watch this video of auto workers drinking and smoking pot on their lunch break. It’s a half hour break by the way. They made it to the liquor store, to a park, downed beer, booze and smoked a little pot…then back to making the safest cars on the road right?
So there’s my thing with this. The UAW locals in every community across the country should write a letter to it’s national leadership calling for the firing of the workers and their dismissal from the Union. It’s that simple. Anything less is an insult to the hardworking men and women who bust their butt every day up at that Firestone plant or down at Titan Tires.
If Union Workers and their leadership across the country try to defend this or deflect blame somewhere else…they are the joke this piece makes them out to be.
Anyone who knows a union worker knows the vast majority do their job well and take pride in it. Most are not the caricature presented here. They should stand up and do the thing they know is right. Loyalty should only be reserved for those who honor their fellow workers.

A Quick Break
So I’m taking a day off to go meet some friends to play A LOT of golf. I renew the statement I’ve made here a lot. My wife is the best. My Mother-in-law is too. Not that she needs an excuse to see her Grandsons, but she’s being really helpful by coming to Des Moines to lend Sally a hand.

Have a great day!


  • Anthill_Goddess

    You said it best when you said that the loyalty of the union should be reserved for those who are respectful of their fellow workers (to paraphrase). Most of the complaining that goes on about unions is about how they're so incredibly protected even when they're doing something that non-union workers would be booted for in the blink of an eye. If they try to protect these people, it will just reinforce that stereotype.
    Enjoy your golf!

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