Steve King, Stephen Colbert

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Steve and Stephen: I must say I never expected to post some thoughts that would include both Iowa Congressman Steve King and Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert in the same story. But now I can say I did:) Friday, Colbert testified before Congress on the illegal immigration debate. The “testimony” was a bit unusual, to say the least. Carrie Dann posted a story on it for MSNBC. See for yourself what King was thinking as he listened to the testimony.

Here’s the story:

Road Trip: We had a bit of a dilemma. We took Hayden (8 weeks old now) back to my parents’ house in Belleville, Illinois, for a few days, so he could meet his extended family. It normally takes about 6.5 hours for the drive. That’s without a baby, of course. So we tried to figure out how to plot the return drive without completely screwing up Hayden’s sleep. Hayden is a big-time sleeper in the car. He is out almost as soon as you pull out of the driveway. We were afraid if we drove the full route straight, he would sleep the entire time and then not be able to sleep overnight. So we put in two big breaks, one at a Pizza Hut in Canton, Missouri, and another at McDonald’s in Oskaloosa. We spent more than an hour at each place, so he could be awake and stretch his legs outside the car seat, etc. By the way, finding a place to stop in Oskaloosa at 10pm on a Thursday isn’t easy. We also watched some guy cuss out his wife in the McDonalds and then she b*t$!-slapped him on the side of the head, walked out and took the car. That had to be the highlight of our road trip!

Anyway, after we made it back home, Hayden had a tough time sleeping overnight since he had already slept so much (which means we didn’t get nearly enough sleep either, especially my wife). I’m up for any ideas about the best way to handle future road trips. I doubt what we did was the smartest idea. So we are looking for suggestions. He is only 8 weeks old. Should we try to keep him busy with a portable DVD player? We HAVE to come up with something, other than driving overnight (I hope it doesn’t come to that over Christmas!)


  • Jen

    we just took our 9month old on vacation to Tennessee and he did great in the car (13.5 hrs) on the way home the portable dvd player worked great! ususally he doesn't care for tv but this right at his lever was great!!!!

  • Anthill_Goddess

    When our kids were really little like that, one of us would ride in the back seat to “entertain” the baby. Worked out really well for the extended trips (Fargo area with a 4 month old, anyone?)

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